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Sunday Media Transcript: PK Aldrick Rosas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/30/2017 3:51 pm
K Aldrick Rosas

July 30, 2017

Q: Did you think the last ball you kicked at the end of practice was in?

A: Every time I kick the ball I want it to go in. So in my eyes I hit it clean and in my eyes itís a make.

Q: I guess the tape will be definitive right?

A: Yeah, oh yeah. Also that.

Q: Coach McAdoo seemed to think it might have been good also.

A: Yeah. Thatís good to have coaches support me so, thatís good.

Q: You might want to challenge and use the red flag on that one.

A: Yeah, definitely. Hopefully.

Q: You had to wait a couple of days to get those kicks in here in training camp. Was it hard waiting for the first live field goal attempts?

A: Yeah, you know, coming back with the team Iím anxious to get out there. Anxious to get out with Zak (DeOssie) and Brad (Wing). Get the whole operation down, get back to the confidence, the chemistry we had. Itís been exciting. Iíve been anxious to get out there. Today I thought went really well. The whole team is looking really good and everyone is just out here working. I canít wait to get out there when my time is called and do my job.

Q: How long was your last kick?

A: I have no idea. I go out there, pick my spot and I just swing away.

Q: Do you start to feel the pressure building up now that the fans are watching and every kick is starting to count towards the goal?

A: Yeah, especially because I embrace it. I love it. So, weíre out there one hit. One time. The special times that I do get to go out there on the field I embrace it, I love it, I love the fans. At the end of the day I want to do my job and help this team win a Super Bowl.

Q: What do you love about pressure situations?

A: Itís just how everything slows down in a way. Iím out there and itís easier in the game because in the game I just see the line and I see my holder, my snapper and everything slows down for me. Itís easier.

Q: When you think of competition, is it hard to know that you are the only one kicking field goals for the NY Giants and you are really just competing with yourself?

A: Right. So, I mean, the way I look at it is there is a lot of competitions going around with other teams. So, every day itís not just me kicking by myself out here. Iím looking constantly with every team, every competition keeping up with everybody. At the end of the day, Iím competing against 32 teams, 32 other spots. So, Iím blessed to be here and I enjoy the huge opportunity I have here and the confidence that I am building with the team. Itís going very well so far I would say.

Q: How does it feel to have two accomplished veterans in LS Zak DeOssie and P Brad Wing helping you on your journey with the Giants?

A: Those guys are great. They make my job a lot easier. I just set up and swing. I have the utmost respect and confidence in those two guys. They teach me a lot on and off the field so itís still a process and weíre getting good chemistry. Iím excited to come out every day and work with those guys.

Q: Some coaches use a field goal to determine whether to end practice. Would you want to be the person under pressure in that situation?

A: Yeah. I would embrace every opportunity to simulate game, simulate preseason. So, I encourage any type of opportunity as soon as I go out there. So, Iím looking forward to making the kick and Iím anxious to get out there.

Q: The team might get angry with you in a situation where you determine whether practice ends or not.

A: Yeah. Probably not. Iím hitting it. Iím very confident in what I can do and me and Zak (DeOssie) and Brad (Wing), so I feel good.

Q: Do you feel confident in your kickoff ability this season since it has been a problem for this team in the past?

A: Yeah, you know, working with Coach (Tom) Quinn and the special teams guys, itís a process. I feel like I have the leg to kick any type of kick they want me to kick. If they need it short, if they need it out the back. I can do it all. So, at the end of the day whatever they need me to do Iím going to go out there and perform to the best of my ability.

Q: Has former P Jeff Feagles given you any advice?

A: Yeah. Feagles is great. Heís a good pro. Heís a good vet and Iím learning a lot from him too.
Every time I see his name I think of this guy  
Jints in Carolina : 7/30/2017 4:48 pm : link
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