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Tuesday Media Transcript: RB Paul Perkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/1/2017 3:58 pm
RB Paul Perkins

August 1, 2017

Q: How are you feeling Paul?

A: Good. I feel good. My body feels good. It was a little hot today, but weve been hydrating, so I feel good.

Q: Were you glad to put the shoulder pads on?

A: Yeah, its just another step forward in our journey towards our goal. The guys practiced well today. Obviously, it was a physical practice, but Coach intended it to be.

Q: How different is this camp feeling for you, spending most of your time with the first team?

A: Yeah, Im not playing catch up as opposed to last year. So, its good getting the hang of the playbook, getting a feel for the guys, the offensive lineman, the defense. I feel really confident.

Q: Do you consider it a blessing or a burden to be considered the lead guy at your position?

A: Yeah, its just a blessing to be in this position. Being able to learn from the older guys like Shane [Vereen] and Rashad [Jennings] last year, but also being able to spread some knowledge on the younger guys.

Q: How much has the offense changed with the different pieces added?

A: Yeah, we have major weapons like [Brandon] Marshall, weve had Odell [Beckham Jr.] and [Sterling] Shepherd, but were going to take shots down the field now. Weve got Evan [Engram], just everybody. We have playmakers outside to inside.

Q: Are they asking you to do a little more in terms of things that you did not do last year?

A: No, coach [Ben] McAdoo and Coach [Craig] Johnson have a mold that I am going to fit and if my role does expand, then it will expand, but right now nothing is not out of the ordinary.

Q: How would you describe that mold?

A: Just being able to come in, protect the quarterback, run the ball, catch the ball on third down.

Q: Ben McAdoo was talking a lot about pressing the heels of the offensive lineman for the running backs, is that something that you guys are emphasizing and can you talk about what that means?

A: Yeah, thats throughout the league. Any running back, every level, you have to be able to press the hole and set up your blocking. It helps the offensive line tremendously.

Q: Was this more of an emphasis this summer?

A: Thats every year.

Q: Do you sense there is going to be more of an emphasis on the run game this year because you need the balance?

A: Yeah, I mean we can definitely do it. We definitely have the guys to do it, offensive lineman and running backs, we have playmakers. Its definitely going to help us with the playmakers on the outside.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable with having the same offensive line in front of you as last year?

A: Yeah, its a cohesive group up front. I personally feel that way and I know the other guys feel the same way. We have tremendous confidence in those guys.

Q: Are there certain things that you know what they are going to do now because you have been running behind them?

A: Yeah, you get a feel for how they are going to push to people or how they are moving.

Q: Was there a noticeable difference in how the offensive line has looked, as opposed to last season?

A: Through OTAs they did very well, even though there were no pads on. And then in the beginning of this training camp they did pretty well. So, no tremendous jumps or anything like that.

Q: How did todays first practice with pads on feel?

A: It was cool. It was definitely great to go out there and hit some people, but weve been training for this, OTAs, no pads, but still getting our feet out there. Just added another element with the shoulder pads.

Q: What is it like working alongside quarterback David Webb?

A: Oh, hes awesome. Hes a great kid, smart, very smart and he has all of the potential in the world. Hes just playing behind Eli [Manning] right now, so hes not going to play too much. But hes a great guy, his upside is tremendous.

Q: How is Wayne Gallman looking so far?

A: Hes everything that I expected. Hes awesome, has tremendous burst, speed, agility, vision. He has long arms to keep defenders off of him. Hes a smart guy, so a student of the game, truly.
I feel like rhis interview is the first I have heard of Perkins  
robbieballs2003 : 8/1/2017 4:05 pm : link
So far in camp.
"do you consider it a blessing or a burden to be a leader..."  
jnoble : 8/1/2017 5:35 pm : link your position?"

What kind of dumbass question is that? Like any of these guys in their right mind is going to say "oh, it's a total burden. I hate being named starter at my position!"
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