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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Josh Johnson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/2/2017 3:48 pm
QB Josh Johnson

August 2, 2017

Q: Is this your first chance to show everyone what you can do?

A: Yeah. That pretty much sums it up. Regular season, you know, you just run the other teamís offense. You never really get the opportunity as the backup Ė third string to really get a lot of reps. So, this is really my first opportunity to really play in this offense. Iím enjoying it.

Q: Youíre the only other quarterback other than Eli Manning that has knowledge of this system. Do you think that is an advantage for you?

A: I mean, obviously it helps. I just try to worry about the added things that I can bring to this game and being around it and all the guys, learning the language, just hearing things Ė that helps a lot. So, just try to use that where I can to allow us to be able to be successful on offense.

Q: Whatís your evaluation of how youíre doing in camp?

A: Every day is just trying to get better. Thereís a lot of things going on. Obviously itís the first couple days. Everybodyís getting back into the rhythm of everything Ė being on the key. So, my thing is just going out there and going through, playing what I see, playing what Iím being coached to do. And then, as we evaluate the film, just getting to things I need to correct, work on them and then correct them the next day. Not to repeat the same mistakes twice. Thatís pretty much how camp goes for me because every day is about adding and building.

Q: Have you and QB Geno Smith been alternating with the twos?

A: Yeah.

Q: How do you think QB Davis Webb has been progressing thus far?

A: Heís doing well. Heís doing well just like everybody in the room. Everybody is working at their craft every day. We have a real good group. Weíre all professionals. We all have to take it serious. So, whatever weíre given, weíre all applying and you see it out there on the field.

Q: What kind of command do you think you have on the offense?

A: Iím trying to be as good as 10 (Eli Manning) at it. If something happens to 10, thatís what you have to show the team that you could be able to handle the ship. So, everything that 10 is doing out there Ė just trying to gain command of it. Feel real comfortable at it. Obviously, thereís always something to clean up. But, in regards to what weíre really trying to get done, Iím improving at it a lot every day. Just getting a lot more comfortable with it and making the offense what I would like to do with it. Iím enjoying that part of it.

Q: What can you do with the offense thatís different than what QB Eli Manning can do?

A: I mean, obviously the first part you want to do it just as well as 10. Heís been doing it for a long time. Doing it the right way. So, you can learn a lot there. But, having athleticism and being able to correct plays and make plays on my own. Thatís an added advantage and more stress on the defense as well. So, just getting the guys used to playing with me and understanding that I bring that edge as well to the game, but also being a quarterback first and foremost.

Q: When it comes to making this team as a quarterback, does camp count or is it what you do in the game that matters?

A: Camp gives you a great start. It lays the foundation, letís everyone know that you know what youíre doing. But, I mean, obviously games are everything in this league. So, just really about adding, taking the days in camp and just building a plan. But when the games come, get out there and execute, move the chains, put points up on the board and show that we can win with you at the helm.

Q: What is it about WR Darius Powe that makes you throw it to him a lot at practice?

A: Heís a big-body guy. We have a couple of those guys, so just being able to put the ball on them. Theyíre strong. They create separation with their strength. Theyíre nice, big targets. But, for me, itís just about going through the reads and hitting the guy thatís open and making sure that whoever that is, just having the trust in them whether it be a rookie or an old guy. So, just learning who can do what and then putting these guys in the right situation when it comes gameday.

Q: Why do you think youíve been able to last as long as you have?

A: I donít know. I mean, for me itís worrying about football. Just blocking out everything, not worrying about what people say, what stipulations theyíre trying to put on me based on what Iíve gone through in the past. Nobody really knows what I went through. So, for me itís about going out there on that grass and just proving it every time I step on the field that I can play and then letting the chips fall how they fall.

Q: Whatís the competition like going against QB Geno Smith?

A: Breeds excellence. Breeds excellence. Weíre all fighting for the same thing. We understand that. You have to bring it every day. But, thatís the case in this league with all of us. I mean, you can be here today, gone tomorrow. See guys who had opportunities they didnít take advantage of. So, you just have to take advantage of opportunities that youíre given because the ones you wonít take advantage of, somebody else will. Thatís how this league works.

Q: Do you feel like you have an equal opportunity with QB Geno Smith?

A: I donít worry about that. I just worry about when Iím out there and if I do what I need to do thatíll take care of itself.

Q: Is there a certain area that you feel you really have to improve at?

A: I mean, thereís always something to improve at. Thereís never going to be a perfect day, you might have a couple perfect days, but even there, thereís something. Maybe it might be with your footwork. Something is always to work on. My job is to improve each day and learn from the things that I need to correct so that it eliminates the mental errors of the critical areas and then you just start stacking up the good to the good. Itís never going to be perfect. Itís always something different going on in the game of football.

Q: Is there a type of pass that you feel most comfortable with?

A: No. For me, Iím a guy that feels I can make every throw. So, itís just about having the guys in the right position and putting those guys and weret they do best and then putting the ball on them and letting them run out there with a catch.
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