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Thursday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/3/2017 3:33 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

August 3, 2017

Q: Any update on WR Sterling Shepard?

A: He was sore today, was a little stiff when he woke up, but we sent him for an MRI.

Q: What happened to WR Tavarres King?

A: Rolled his ankle covering a punt.

Q: What is the reasoning for WR Sterling Shepardís MRI?

A: Just to make sure weíre looking at it and doing our due diligence.

Q: Do you have the results of the MRI yet?

A: No. It looks like a rolled basketball ankle right now.

Q: Where was LB Keenan Robinson today?

A: Keenan Robinson is in the concussion protocol.

Q: When did that happen?

A: Yesterday in practice.

Q: A couple more dust-ups out there today, what did you think of that?

A: I like the intensity early in practice. I thought we were physical on both sides of the ball. On the half-line drill, then we turn it into our 9-on-7 drill, inside runÖ it was very physical with the gap schemes and thatís a part of it, but we need that physicality. Weíre going to turn into a heavy-handed, physical football team. We just have to do a better job of handling the extracurricular activities after the whistle.

Q: Did you have to cut that drill short?

A: No. It just ended.

Q: How do you balance the intensity while avoiding the extra stuff?

A: We have to commit ourselves to discipline and poise. It takes time to get there. Itís just the third day in a row in pads. It usually happens around this time, but we need to commit ourselves to discipline and poise. If we canít handle it, then Iíll interject and weíll go do some other things, then come back and finish the drill.

Q: How important are the 9-on-7 drills where you get both lines involved?

A: I think itís important to fit the pads in. I donít think itís the only way to practice the run game, but I think itís a mindset. Itís a way to train yourself physically. I think there are times when you can fit a full team in there, and I think itís important for the mindsets of both sides of the lines.

Q: Whatís LB B.J. Goodsonís status?

A: B.J. got stepped on.

Q: Are you concerned?

A: No.

Q: Are you alright with the way Goodson hits people?

A: Itís a thud tempo, and B.J. is good at thudding. The backs need to feel it. The linebackers need to feel it. There has to be contact there.

Q: Can you be too heavy-handed in a practice like this?

A: No. Weíre going to be a physical, heavy-handed football team.

Q: Whatís the difference between being physical and being heavy-handed?

A: Next question.

Q: What are your thoughts on QB Geno Smith?

A: I think Geno is progressing. He has some good plays, and he has some other ones where he needs to clean up some fundamentals. Thereís a lot to the offense, and we throw in a lot schematically. Thereís a lot for him to digest thatís new for him. The footwork of the quarterback is a challenge, and he hasnít had many reps. In the red zone and in the green zone, we put that in shortly starting tonight. Thatís some more on him mentally, but heís definitely sharp enough to handle it. Heís played a lot of football. He gets football easily. He just needs to get those reps.

Q: Now that the pads have been on for a few practices, are you starting to see the offensive line take the step forward you were looking for?

A: Yeah, I think the offensive line had a couple of good runs the last two days. I thought it was physical. I thought the defense was physical today. I thought the offense was a little bit more physical yesterday, but the defense responded today and set the tone. Thatís encouraging to see, and I think we have some young players on that second offensive line group that have a chance to push people for jobs, which I like.

Q: What do you see as RB Orleans Darkwaís role and are you concerned that a couple of running backs are out? Would you like to see guys like RB Shaun Draughn out on the field?

A: Yes, this is an important time of year for running backs. Right now, weíre not as healthy as we need to be. But, weíre going to give all the reps we can to these young guys and give them a chance to win the job, and if they win the job, so be it.

Q: How dangerous is it when the extracurricular activity after plays escalates and how much do you need to step in?

A: The extracurricular stuff after the whistle is something that irritates the vets, and those are the things we need to put an end to. You can be physical and you can be heavy-handed; you can fit your pads in and you can finish, but when that whistle blows, that extra stuff after the whistle is unnecessary.

Q: OL Brett Jones was with the first team a lot. Was that to give C Weston Richburg break today?

A: Yeah, it was part of the plan for Weston.

Q: What do you see when Jones is out there?

A: Brettís a smart, conscientious guy. Heís a tremendous communicator. When you have a new center that goes in there with the first group, there can be some differences in the way they communicate and their body language on the silent count, and today was a road game for the offense, which makes third down a challenge, but Brettís a guy thatís built low to the ground. Heís physical, a strong player, a finisher. We have confidence in Brett.

Q: What have you seen from your young offensive tackles the first week of minicamp?

A: I see two guys that are learning the game, that move like football players and it doesnít look too big for them.

Q: Has their work in the offseason and spring translated to the field?

A: I think the work in the offseason allowed them to learn, and thatís what the offseason is for. Now, we have a chance to see if they can play with leverage and put their pads on somebody.

Q: Is LB J.T. Thomas III close to getting out on the field?

A: Theyíll let me know when heís ready.

Q: How about DE Devin Taylor?

A: Weíre going to start working him back in tomorrow.

Q: And RB Shane Vereen?

A: Same. Tomorrow.
John from Atlanta : 8/3/2017 4:27 pm : link
Q: Can you be too heavy-handed in a practice like this?

A: No. Weíre going to be a physical, heavy-handed football team.

Q: Whatís the difference between being physical and being heavy-handed?

A: Next question."

LOL. He got caught bsing there.
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