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Thursday Media Transcript: LG Justin Pugh

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/3/2017 3:38 pm
G Justin Pugh

August 3, 2017

Q: What were the dustups between the offense and defense today like?

A: Thatís football, thatís August camp. It happens every year. You go into the locker room, you shake that guyís hand, you move on from it. Itís part of it. Nine-on-seven, three days in pads weíve been, so it was bound to happen. Weíve just got to make sure we protect each other because weíre family. At the end of the day, come September, whenever we play Dallas, weíre all on the same team, weíre wearing the same jersey. So, thatís the thing we have to keep in mind.

Q: Do you see the see the cohesion of the offensive line coming along?

A: Definitely, I think we put some good things on tape. But, itís stringing together multiple good days. Keep doing the right things consistently. So, thatís the thing that weíre working on right now. Just keep building that consistency. I like where we started, I like it a lot. Guys are communicating, guys are getting along. Weíre getting things done. Continue to build off that, never let [ourselves have] good day and digress and go back the other way.

Q: Do you see a difference in left tackle Ereck Flowers, after the work he put in during the offseason?

A: Definitely. I think thatís one thing heís definitely [improved] and thereís competition in the room. Thereís guys that are not starting right now that have gone out there and have played well. So, thatís going to make guys better, that pushes everybody.

Q: Who has caught your eye on the offensive line?

A: [D.J.] Fluker Ė obviously you put pads on, heís the biggest human being Iíve ever seen. Brett Jones, probably one of the smaller guys Iíve seen in the NFL, but both of those guys are going out there and putting on a good show. Adam Gettis is just a veteran thatís consistently just always doing good work. Those are a couple of names that come to mind as of right now. But all of the guys, even the young guys who are coming up. [Adam] Bisnowatyís a tough guy, Chad Wheeler, a kid that we brought in, has done some good things, moves his feet well. So, Iím excited about this group as a whole.

Q: What would you say to a guy like Adam Bisnowaty, who was engaged in extracurricular stuff today at practice?

A: I would tell him to grab the facemask and go upper cuts Ė donít throw straights because then you hurt your hand Ė but, thatís me [laughs]. No, no, no, all jokes aside, at the end of the day, weíve got to protect each other and be safe. You donít want to end up hurting yourself and knocking yourself out of camp and then hurting yourself on making this team because of something silly like getting in a fight with a guy that you know, it really doesnít matter that youíre fighting. Itís not going to prove anything within the team.

Q: Are you too old to fight at practice now?

A: No, I got in a couple of scuffles yesterday. I love to find out where Iím at, you know what I mean? I love to find out, like, where Iím at in the pecking order. But like, to a degree. If you ask anyone in that locker room, Iím going to face up somebody and theyíre going to know Iím coming. Thatís where weíve got to make sure we donít do anything cheap, donít do anything to hurt somebody because thatís not fun. I mean, getting out there and getting in some scuffles, weíve been talking so much, itís fun to kind of throw each other around and wrestle a little bit, thatís what weíre here to do. After we execute the play to perfection and do exactly what Coach McAdoo wants us to do, then after that.

Q: Have any young players stood out to you on the defensive line?

A: Yeah, you look at [Dalvin] Tomlinson, d-tackle we brought in, heís fit right in with that group. Thereís no drop-off from when the ones go out and he comes in. Obviously, I know heís got to learn the scheme and learn his role within the scheme, but he plays at a great pad level, impressed with him. I havenít gone against many other [young defensive linemen] besides Tomlinson, so Iíll leave it at that.

Q: What about rookies Avery Moss and Evan Schwan?

A: I havenít seen them as much because Iím at guard, so I donít see those guys as much. But Romeo Okwara, another guy that just keeps getting better and better. A young guy from last year, still a young guy. So, I expect a lot of more great things out of him.

Q: What does running back Orleans Darkwa bring to the offense?

A: A toughness. Heís going to run downhill, heís a straight line runner, one cut and go. No dancing in the hole and as an offensive lineman, you appreciate that because youíre straining your butt off to hold that defender off as long as possible. And you know Orleans is going to hit hard and thatís someone that you enjoy blocking for.

Q: How often do you and Ereck Flowers go off to the side and talk?

A: If thereís ever a tough look where weíre seeing something else, itís finding that common ground where like, ĎWhy are you seeing it this way and how am I seeing it,í to make sure that weíre both seeing it the same way. I need to know where heís going to be at and he needs to know where Iím going to be at. So, thatís the biggest thing and thereís so many different looks in football. Any particular play, you can get 10 different looks, so being able to communicate with that guy next to me is huge. So, every play weíre always kind of talking to each other, making sure weíre seeing the same thing.

Q: Is training camp starting to feel like a grind?

A: I donít have a chance to even think about that. Because Iím here from eight in the morning until nine-thirty at night. You go home, you fall asleep, you get back up. Itís kind of like youíre in the twilight zone, itís just like you donít know where youíre at. But, itís nice. You always look for that, like in the o-line room, weíre always looking for that little glimmer of hope. So, tomorrow is a jog-through day. So, today, weíre like, ĎAlright, give it everything youíve got because tomorrow weíve got a lighter day.í And then you gear it back up, weíve got an off day on Sunday. So, thatís kind of what you look for. You set, like, landmarks in camp to get to.

Q: So you had to get the fights in today?

A: The fights can happen at any point. But, like I said, in all seriousness with the fights, weíre a team here, weíre the New York Giants, we do things a certain way. So, itís going to happen. Weíve got to make sure we respect the guy across from us and make sure that weíre doing the right things to represent each other, the team, and not put ourselves in a bad position. Because the worst thing that can happen, we lose a guy for an extended period of time. So, I do like to joke around with it. I did do some of the MMA, the wrestling and the fighting stuff, but thereís a time and place for it and as of right now, weíve got to make sure we hone it in and weíre getting better at football and not just wrestling with each other. So make sure [if] you quote me, quote that one, donít quote the other one and misquote me, alright?
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