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Friday Media Transcript: Linebacker B.J. Goodson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/4/2017 4:07 pm
Linebacker B.J. Goodson

August 4, 2017

Q: First of all, howís your foot?

A: My foot is great.

Q: Did you get stepped on yesterday?

A: Yeah.

Q: Do you feel comfortable back there (on defense)?

A: Yeah, it feels good. It feels good running the defense. Just enjoying it and embracing it.

Q: Is it on purpose that you seem to be embracing physicality?

A: Thatís a big part of my game. Iíve always been that way, and it probably wonít ever change. Iíll never change. Thatís just me.

Q: I saw your Clemson buddies, I saw the video (locker room dancing video?), they wereÖ Aha, thereís B.J. So were youÖ did there as well?

A: Yeah, itís sort of been known from me. Just bringing some of that culture into here and just bringing all of the guys along with it. I feel like the guys are responding the right way.

Q: About the physical style in practice, has anybody said to you, ďHey, you may want to cool it down?Ē

A: No. The New York Giants are a tough, hard-nosed football team. Thatís what weíre known for.

Q: Whatís it like playing with this defensive line in front of you?

A: Our d-line, theyíre amazing. Theyíre going to open up a lot of opportunities this year. Iím just blessed to have that kind of d-line in front of me.

Q: How do you coordinate plays? Is it through reps and just knowing where youíre going to be and where theyíre going to be?

A: A little repetition. Getting a feel for those guys. The more and more you get a feel for them, the more and more you build chemistry with them. A little repetition and getting a feel for those guys and how they play.

Q: Going back to the spring, have you learned what it takes to be able to lead and be the voice of this group (the defense)?

A: AP (Antonio Pierce) has been helping me out a lot on being more of just a vocal leader and having to stand for the defense and being a strong leader. Be that guy that the rest of the defense has to look up to, especially when times get rough. Iíve been embracing that as well.

Q: Do you have to alter that (approach) to certain players or certain situations?

A: Yeah, most guys know how to handle themselves. We have a big veteran group. Theyíre a very seasoned group. They know how to handle themselves, but we also have a lot of young guys on the defense that need that leadership. Thatís what Iím there for.

Q: How much different is it getting coached by Antonio Pierce compared to the other coaches?

A: I want to say itís because I feel that heís been in that position before. That definitely gives him more of my ear. He has a green light on more of my ear on certain things.

Q: Is he someone you knew before these past couple of months?

A: I met him my freshman year (rookie year in the NFL). Heís been in my ear since then.

Q: What makes B.J. Goodson better this year?

A: Just being me. Getting better a day at a time and one percent better at something a day at a time. If itís something in the meeting room, if itís footwork, if itís hand placement, anything. You can get better at something, and I always say that. The coaches are still on me about that.

Q: What do you see as your role?

A: The leader. I see myself as the leader, even though we have veteran guys. Those guys are looking at me for the calls and looking for me as far as responding to certain things.

Q: Are you surprised that with LB Keenan Robinson and LB Mark Herzlich back, that they (coaching staff) said youíre going to be the starting guy?

A: Iíve been working hard. Iíve been preparing to be the starter ever since I got here. Obviously, I didnít get a chance to start my rookie year, but day in and day out, Iíve been preparing like the starter, like I said, when I got here. The opportunity has come.

Q: How quick do you feel you are right now recognizing what calls need to be made, translating from the film room out there calling the defense?

A: Iím doing a really, really good job of pre-snap recognition and getting the defense at the right spot at the right times.

Q: You sound like a middle linebacker. Have you ever been told that thereís a certain persona that you guys have and that you kind of fit that mold?

A: Iíve definitely heard that thereís a certain personality that a linebacker has. I bring that aura ofÖ just people want to be around a middle linebacker. Thereís just a certain feeling of wellness being around a middle linebacker. Just making sure everybody is in the right position, making sure the other ten guys are comfortable and ready to do their jobs. I embrace it.

Q: Has Antonio talked to you about that aspect of the position?

A: Just taking charge and making sure those guys follow.

Q: Is that natural? Can you fake that?

A: No, you canít fake that, it has to be real. You have to have that in you. Thereís a lot of guys who try to fake it and theyíre not successful at it.

Q: Theyíre outside linebackers, right?

A: Right.
Who the hell asked the question about being surprised  
Jimmy Googs : 8/4/2017 8:07 pm : link
that Goodson is the starter with Herzlich around?
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