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NGT: Vikings lock up DT Linval Joseph to 4 Year Deal

Saos1n : 8/5/2017 1:26 pm
4 Year $50M Extension per Rapoport
What's thhebguarantees?  
UConn4523 : 8/5/2017 1:31 pm : link
makes the Harrison deal even better.
Keith : 8/5/2017 1:34 pm : link
31 gtd
UConn4523 : 8/5/2017 1:37 pm : link
At $4 million less total contract and $8 million guaranteed cheaper with an entire extra year.
"Linval you don't got one, you don't know what it feel like"  
DennyInDenville : 8/5/2017 1:43 pm : link
Man it seems like yesterday sometimes...

Congrats Linval!!!!! Much much much deserved! A monster player and been a top 5 DT for a handful of years now
They need to  
superspynyg : 8/5/2017 1:47 pm : link
Wasn't Shariff Floyd forced to retire?

And yes The Harrison deal looks FANTASTIC!!
Linval's Reaction to His Contract  
OntheRoad : 8/5/2017 5:01 pm : link
LJ on Sidelines - ( New Window )
good for him.  
madgiantscow009 : 8/6/2017 4:28 am : link
Giants have drafted some good DTs.
Can you imagine if we had Linval Joseph for half the price  
SGMen : 8/6/2017 7:29 am : link
for the next four years? Next to Snacks. Oh about screw trying to run. LOL.

But seriously, good for Linval and his family.
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