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NFT: FFB: Which rookie do think will have the best season

superspynyg : 8/5/2017 2:05 pm
Fournette?? Cook?? McCaffrey?? Davis?? Mixon??

I think that it will not take long for Cook to become the #1 guy in Minni. He is extremely talented and can catch the ball. Murray pretty much lost his job in Oak. McCaffrey while talented and can be a match up Stuart will take early downs and goal line. Fournette has to deal with the shit show that is Jax offense.

Mixon intrigues me. He could be the best back but its so crowded in Cincy.

I think that fantasy wise, Cook is worth taking around rounds 6/7.
Well, then you likely won't be getting Cook  
YAJ2112 : 8/5/2017 2:29 pm : link
He's going in the 4-5 range now and rising with Murray not on the field
pjcas18 : 8/5/2017 2:53 pm : link
running backs are tough.

I learned this painfully first hand by dropping David Johnson in a keeper league after drafting him in the 8th round. Would have been an awesome keeper for a few years.

he didn't even break 100 yards as a rookie until week 15 and I don't think broke double digit carries until then either. He just wasn't getting the carries behind Chris Johnson.

He was doing ok catching passes and as a 3rd down back, but not lineup worthy and I dropped him week 8 or something.

So obviously some of these guys may not have an exactly similar situation to DJ and CJ, but I think you need to consider are you looking purely at 2017 contribution or as a keeper.

Cook maybe has the best chance to contribute regularly in 2017, but long-term Fournette or McCaffrey might be the best upside and Mixon has a crowded backfield IMO with Hill and Gio still there. Even if he winds up the best, when will be be trusted to block well enough to steal touches from either Hill or Gio. And then there are injuries which will happen and adjust the depth charts.

and then factor in where they're being drafted (assume 12 team per fantasypros non-ppr).

Fournette is going late 2nd
McCaffrey late 3rd
Mixon late 3rd early 4th
Cook late 4th/early 5th

Davis on the other hand is just in a much more crowded position. So he's not going until the 9th round or so.

So I think like I said it depends on if you want 2017 contribution or long-term contribution (or both).

Fournette has been very invopved in the pass game so far  
robbieballs2003 : 8/5/2017 2:56 pm : link
So I think it will be him. However, don't sleep on Kareem Hunt. Imo, it is just a matter of time before he has a significant role.
Cook for me.  
Bobby Humphrey's Earpad : 8/5/2017 3:13 pm : link
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