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Saturday Media Transcript: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/5/2017 3:27 pm
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

August 4, 2017

Q: Whatís with the new look?

A: Different, man. Iím always different. Describe my game, Iím different.

Q: Has TE Evan Engram shown you something, being a big target in the red zone?

A: Yeah, definitely. It seems like heís got more power than most DBs expect because he gets his body into you and propels himself off of you and gets open, or he can just beat you with speed. So, heís definitely a threat. Heís definitely shown that, especially in one-on-oneís, it seems like heís always getting open and catching the ball.

Q: Have you seen CB Eli Apple make some strides this year?

A: Definitely, big strides. I call it swag; he plays with a whole lot of swag and itís definitely showing. You can see heís out there competing with everybody. He steps up with Odell, Shep, Marshall, whoever you put out there, heís on them.

Q: How much of a difference is it for a second-year cornerback?

A: Big difference. I think your first year you get in, get your feet wet, kind of understand the game a little bit, and do what it takes, but when you make some plays like he did last year, it gives you that confidence. Once you get that confidence in knowing you belong, your next year is just going to keep going.

Q: Do you feel rejuvenated?

A: No maíam, not at all. I feel 31. Being out there with those guys, it kind of makes you feel young. When itís over, no.

Q: Did you like that day of rest then?

A: Definitely. Iím glad they added that. I think some of us older guys, we need that. Itís a lot of wear and tear on the body.

Q: We saw you win a sprint last week, do still have to remind the guys sometimes?

A: Oh yeah, definitely every now and then, Iíve got to let them know that. Iíve got a few left in me, but I canít pull too much out, so I just give them one. Thatís it.

Q: It does look like youíre having fun out there?

A: Definitely, definitely. Going into my tenth year. Iím surrounded by a great group of guys, and I definitely understand that we have the chance to do a lot of great things. Iím definitely having fun Ė Iím going to remember this.

Q: Does the depth on the team make practice more fun?

A: Definitely, because you match up. You put people here and there, you get to see everybody. You get to see the big, physical guys, the guys with everything, you get to see the guy thatís in the slot thatís good in and out of his breaks. So, you get to see every aspect. Then switch it up and go against some guys, then youíve got a quarterback who can deliver it and put it wherever it needs to be. It makes for competition on both sides.

Q: Do you see LB BJ Goodson being a leader on this team?

A: Yeah. BJ is vocal. If you look at him in practice, heís knocking a few people out. Coach called thud and he was full speed, so he definitely has the attitude and mentality to be that middle guy and heís voicing it.

Q: During the special teams drill, who were you rooting for?

A: Blue side. Blue, blue blue. Blue is the old guys, yellow is the young guys. You know, Iím all for the blue side. I like that drill, though. Everybody got a lot of competition, see what guys are made of, and it was fun.

Q: Who won?

A: Blue!
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