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More No Huddle on O?

BigBlueWhale : 8/7/2017 10:10 am
I've heard a few of the players drop the Up tempo/No Huddle words throughout the process this year.

I think a common personnel package will be a 2 TE set:

TE - Ellison
RB - Vereen
TE - Engram
WR - Marshall

Then let Eli go no huddle and trap the defense on the field. The Giants can run any play imaginable from this set. If their nickel package is stuck, run the ball. If their base D is stuck, spread them out and find the mismatch. Just like the Pats have been doing with their 2 TE set.

I think our ability to flip into the no huddle will be the backbreaker this year and make us far more dangerous. The no huddle plays to Eli's strengths, allows us to manufacture points and be difficult to stop at the end of half/game. We were a Playoff team last year, now we're a contender.
Good. Shep can still mix in with Beckham and Marshall too.  
robbieballs2003 : 8/7/2017 10:15 am : link
There is a reason that Belichick loves his TEs. He had Gronk and Hernandez, Gronk and Bennett, Gronk and the Indy kid whose name escapes me right now. It is the easiest way to fuck with a defense. The defense is going to come out in their base defense or nickel. Either way you have an advantage. If they are worried about the run then you pass and vice versa.
jamesmichaelworm : 8/7/2017 12:10 pm : link
Feel like Eli and his no huddles still isn't quick enough to catch a team rushing off the field. Don't think I've ever seen Eli do that. And I still feel like those delay of game penalties still occur
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