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Fantasy football questions

Josiah31 : 8/7/2017 10:45 am
I'm playing fantasy football for the first time. Would appreciate BBI's expertise. So there's no points for receptions, and we are playing team defense. There's going to be only 6 people in the league.

None of them are Giants fans, so I would assume everyone but OBJ and maybe Giants defense will be avaialable late. Help me hold back my homerism. I was thinking Eli would be a great late pickand possibly our kicker? I want to draft WR, TE, and RB early and often, correct? What's a good draft order?

Thanks for the help!
My best advice  
bigbluehoya : 8/7/2017 10:52 am : link
Would be to find more people to play. 10 teams is small, 8 teams is too small, 6 just seems silly. Every team is going to be stacked unless the rosters are absolutely enormous.
6 people? Every team is going to be stacked.  
robbieballs2003 : 8/7/2017 10:53 am : link
I am assuming it is just for fun if there are only 6 people?

If so, just have fun with it. Imo, I wouldn't get caught up in positions too much since there are only six teams. Just take the player you think will give you the best chance at succeeding. That doesn't mean take 5 QBs early but lets say you did take Rodgers and Brady I wouldn't criticize that. You would basically have monopolized the market and I guarantee you'd still have a sick team overall. I am not saying that should be your approach. I am just saying get the best players available. That example was the extreme.
superspynyg : 8/7/2017 12:53 pm : link
Early and often. You never have enough kickers.
kash94 : 8/7/2017 1:47 pm : link
1) I would find more people to play with if possible. 10-12 is a good mix I think with 15 positions per team (6 bench, 9 starters).

2) In terms of a draft order, it really depends on the scoring + roster settings. If you are starting more than 1 QB and/or QB's are awarded more than 4 points per TD and 1 point per 25 yards, I would go with QB early. If you have standard settings in these areas, I would go with RB/WR early with everything else going later.

Everyone has different opinions though.

In terms of RB, top RB's are super valuable IMO even in non-ppr as 1) the league is top-heavy in terms of good RB's 2) RB's get injured alot. Would make sure you have a lot of depth in this area.

For any receiver, make sure you take into consideration TD totals, not just yards and catches. Since you're in non-PPR, TD's are very important. Players like Julio and Landry are a bit weak in this area.

Go with K and DEF late. For K, generally you want them from a high scoring team.
Best advice  
allstarjim : 8/7/2017 2:03 pm : link
is to find a mock draft site replicating your league size and format, do your best, employ different strategies, and see which strategy works best for you.

I'm in a 6 team league (just a few friends and it's just for fun, I'm in other much more competitive leagues). Because of this, we play 2 QBs every week and have a large roster size, 3 starting WRs, the traditional 2 starting RBs and 1 TE, but then 2 WR/RB flex spots, and 1 WR/TE flex spot, and a total of 20 roster spots.

Hopefully your league will have a similar roster size because if not, you will be flummoxed all year with the amount of talent you won't be able to add existing on the free agent list.

Take 2 RB's in the first 2 rounds, would be my advice. You can't ignore guys that might be a strong value, like if you are picking 6th and Antonio Brown is on the board, you should take him.

Secondly, have a plan to take a TE. Generally, you can wait on a good one, but you also don't want to be left picking on leftovers. Having a strong TE can be a good advantage weekly, but not having a good one is a big disadvantage when facing teams playing Gronk, Kelce, or Greg Olsen.

Similarly, wait on QBs. Every year in my leagues, Tom Brady falls in the draft (although maybe not so much this year). I am one of the guys that usually ignores him. Get your high end talent at RB and WR early, and you'll see Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck come off the board. But you can win with Jameis Winston, Dak Prescott, and Ben Roethlisberger.

Study your league settings, is QB TD passes worth 4 or 6 points? If 6, getting a guy who projects to throw a lot of touchdowns is preferred. If 4, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson and other running QBs are more valuable because of their ability to score without throwing the ball.

Do you get points for special team yardage? If so, getting a player that has return value that can also be useful as a flex provides extra value. Think Tyreek Hill, Jamison Crowder, and Darren Sproles.

Good luck.

allstarjim : 8/7/2017 2:04 pm : link
I meant to say 2 RBs in the first THREE rounds.
Awesome advice.  
Josiah31 : 8/7/2017 7:59 pm : link
Thank you all for replying! It's just a couple of my close friends playing just for fun. I'll try to add a few more!!
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