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NFT: Problem with delinquent co-tenant and landlord

Ned In Atlanta : 8/7/2017 4:26 pm
My wife and I rent a house with an attached garage apartment that is furnished. We rent the house and a college friend of the landlord lives in the garage apartment and takes care of the property. We moved in June 2016, and at that time power, internet and cable were in the caretakers name, so we were cutting his checks every month as contributions to the bills. In march, he wrecked his food truck, which was his source of income. Since then, he has been unemployed. The past 6 weeks we have had issues with the internet being shut off, notices from the power company about delinquent bills, etc. Two weeks ago we sat down and agreed that we would both write separate checks to the utility companies and mail them off. Well, our power bill was due August 4, we paid our portion, he hasn't paid his and he disappeared. The landlord lives in Denver and he has been avoiding us since Friday. GA law states that month to month tenants must give 30 days notice. Given the untenable circumstances created by the landlord (house tenants are dependent on care taker to keep bios paid - he told us it's too expensive and complicated to install separate meters) would we be in the clear to move out August 31? In the original lease it says "tenant responsible for utilities" but makes no mention of the convoluted setup created by the garage situation
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