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Tuesday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/8/2017 3:11 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins

August 8, 2017

Q: Did you run inside and look at the film from that interception (in todayís practice)?

A: Oh no, not yet (laughing).

Q: What happened on the two-point play? Just a good move by WR Brandon Marshall?

A: A good move, and then in practice, you donít want to fight a foul, so you just foulÖ

Q: You donít get beat often in games, but there are times when you do in practice. Is there a different mindset for you in games?

A: Itís cool, man. We have to understand theyíre (the offense) going to make plays. What you guys (the media) call it, we donít call it beat. We call it competing. You have to finish a certain type of way in practice, so thatís how I push back.

Q: How important is it for the defense to go up against some of these offensive weapons to make you guys better?

A: Itís good. You get to compete with different types of guys. Quick guys, big guys, fast guys strong guysÖ and then you get to work on technique and fundamentals. I feel like with the receiving corps that we have, we get to work on all of that.

Q: How have some of the younger guys at cornerback such as CB Michael Hunter and DB Valentino Blake developed behind you?

A: Theyíre coming along. They have to stay focused, stay on the playbook and understand that everyone is a starter. No matter if youíre a backup or third string, because anything can happen at any time.

Q: Being a veteran, what messages can you pass along to some of these younger guys?

A: Remember, you have 16 games. You have to be ahead of all 16, not just five or six, and take care of your body.

Q: What kind of personality is WR Brandon Marshall, especially in the locker room?

A: (Laughing) For me, heís been cool. Heís funny, a nice guy, respectable and I think heís just enjoying his time here.

Q: Pro Football Focus has you down for three touchdowns allowed last year. Do you think you can get that down to zero this year?

A: Yeah, I think so. But I donít focus on stats. I just focus on doing my job. At the end of the year, whatever it will be, itís just a

Q: What is a defining characteristic of S Landon Collins that makes him different from some of the other safeties you have played with?

A: Heís contact-crazy, he knows the scheme and he loves to play football. Heís a smart guy. You can tell he was in a great college system at the University of Alabama, and it shows.

Q: How unique is contact-crazy? How many people are contact-crazy?

A: Very few. Not too many.

Q: What makes someone contact-crazy?

A: All he wants to do is run around and hit people.

Q: How good can cornerback Eli Apple be?

A: Oh, he can be good. As a matter of fact, he can be special. Heís long, heís physical, heís fast. But once again, itís about fine-tuning the details of the game and understand whatís coming and understanding formation. And once he gets that down, I think heíll be pretty special.

Q: Would you say Appleís physical game is a lot further along than his mental game?

A: I wouldnít say that. I would just say heís making progress every day, heís striving. I wouldnít put one above the other, I just feel like heís coming out every day and getting better.

Q: How possible is it in the NFL for a player to be lacking in fundamentals, but their raw ability just takes over?

A: I mean, itís slim, but in the NFL youíve got to focus on technique. You go against fast guys that run like 4.2s and 4.3s [40 times]. To stop a fast guy, technique, get your hands on him, then slow him down.

Q: Being a veteran, what kind of approach do you take to a preseason game?

A: I prepare in practice every day. And then when I get to a game, if they throw me out there, Iím out there. If not, I knew I prepared in practice to where if they threw me out there Iíd be ready.

Q: Will it be a relief to hit guys in anotherís team jersey?

A: Just do what youíve got to do.

Q: Is love for the game of football ever an issue for guys in the league do you think?

A: No. If you look at it, weíve been playing football since age six, seven. So to come out here and do it every day, come on, thatís your job. How can you not love it?

Q: Has cornerback Valentino Blake added something to the cornerback room, being a veteran?

A: Yeah, you can tell heís been around a long time. He understands the schemes and everybodyís got to understand their role on the team. And with Blake, I feel like he understands that and then he just comes out to work every day.

Q: How do you compare quarterbacks Josh Johnson and Geno Smith?

A: Both of them can scramble, both of them are mobile. I donít know, I donít really pay too much [attention] to those guys right now.

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