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Tuesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/8/2017 4:53 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

August 8, 2017

Q: What was the difference for the offense today in the situational drill?

A: It just depends on what drill it is. (Two-minute) was a drill that was simulated after our two-score plan. So, we were down by 10, we kicked a field goal first, then you come out and you go down for a touchdown, possible two-point conversation to either win or tie the ballgame depending on the score. The first group made a nice play, had a chance to get the ball in the end zone there and then go for it. Brandon [Marshall] made a nice double-move there for the two-point play, so that was good to see. But the defense had some nice drills as well. The 7-on-7, all third down in the tight red and green, itís a tough drill for the offense and the defense had a nice drill there.

Q: Howís Evan Engram doing?

A: He had some opportunities today to make some plays and he came through in the two-minute drill, which was nice to see.

Q: How did Dalvin Tomlinson look to you today?

A: He flashed a few times. I will get in there and take a look at the tape here, but he did flash. Heís working on his transition rush and it is certainly showing up on the field.

Q: Can you talk about how the defense performed in the goal line drill?

A: No pass rush is hard for the offense because most of your pass game is play-action pass game and in 7-on-7 they are not usually able to run at you. So it makes it a little bit harder for the offense and the defense because they donít buy the run action.

Q: How has Aldrick Rosas handled having competition from Mike Nugent?

A: I see a steady young player who is kicking away and hasnít flinched.

Q: Do you want to give him a majority of the work in the preseason games?

A: Itís early to talk about preseason, but we are certainly going to give him an opportunity.

Q: Where are you at in that competition? What are you seeing between the two of them?

A: They both kick very well. It will be a tight competition.

Q: Does the fact that you do not have to make a roster cutdown to 75 change what you have done in the past in regard to personnel deployment?

A: Through the first three weeks, it will be fairly the same. The last week, that is what we will have to look at. We have a couple of conversations going on. We will see how that shakes out when we get there with the health of the roster.

Q: What have you seen out of Matt LaCosse?

A: Matt made a nice play today down the sideline. Heís a young player that when he gets his opportunity in the pass game, he makes some plays, heís learning the run game. Having some opportunities in pass protection and heís a smart, conscientious player.

Q: What is going on with Robert Thomas and Mark Herzlich?

A: Robert has some soreness and Herz had a stinger.

Q: Is that something that is going to keep him out for a while?

A: We will see. Day to day.

Q: Mykkele Thompson?

A: Quad.

Q: Avery Moss?

A: Shoulder.

Q: Did Tavarres King have a setback yesterday?

A: No.

Q: What have you seen from your running game so far?

A: I think the offensive line is developing confidence in each other, they are coming off the ball. The tight end group is improving and that helps. Perkins is a young back whoís grown, but we have some other young backs who arenít afraid to hit the hole. There have been some shots of the offense knocking a hole in the defense and thatís encouraging.

Q: How hard is it to judge the running game as a whole in this type of situation and where do the preseason games fit into that equation?

A: You have pads on now, so it is easier to evaluate. You are not live tackling to the ground even though that happens on occasion, as we saw today. But you get a chance to see the line and the tight ends, and the fullbacks get to stick their pads in. We get to see the backs hit the hole and the holes open and close quickly in this league and you get to see who hesitates and who doesnít hesitate and who can read the blocks and who cannot.

Q: What are your thoughts on your young fullbacks?

A: They are different players. [Jacob] Huesman is a guy who is learning the position, he knows the game, but he is new to the position. It will take some time for him to fit his pads in there. Smith is a guy that is a very physical, heavy-handed type player. He plays with good leverage. He showed his good hands today and did a nice job.

Q: How important is special teams in determining whether or not you are going to carry a fullback?

A: Everything. If you canít contribute on special teams, you are not going to make the roster.

Q: What have you seen from [Chad] Wheeler and [Adam] Bisnowaty?

A: They are two scrappy, young guys. Wheeler is a natural player out there, he moves his feet very easily. Bisnowaty is a physical player. He works hard in the run game. He needs to improve his techniques in the passing game.

Q: How much will the tight endsí ability to play fullback impact the decision?

A: You look at everything. That certainly comes into play. Usually the guys that can play the fullback position in todayís game are a little better in line, too. So, you have to factor that in as well, so you have to factor that in as well whether you want to use an inline player or a fullback player. You have multiple guys that you can use.
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