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I don't watch much TV but.. Ezekiel Elliot

Bluesbreaker : 8/8/2017 8:23 pm

I am guessing most have already seen this take I just don't
watch a heck of a lot of TV but I never realized what an
idiot this guy is . I was so wanting him in the draft but
he is ticking timebomb .

Link - ( New Window )
Great to watch old Skip react like a guilty dog...  
lono801 : 8/8/2017 8:44 pm : link
Tail between his legs...
That was actually a somewhat intelligent conversation...  
Bchurch : 8/8/2017 9:35 pm : link
Were there red flags with Zeke coming out of Ohio State?
Not sure if I posted the link right  
Bluesbreaker : 8/8/2017 10:11 pm : link
But apparently JJ dug up everything he could and still
pulled the trigger .
Luckiest and dumbest franchise in the league...  
grizz299 : 8/9/2017 9:26 am : link
They found the rarest commodity in football...a franchise QB late.
A damn fourth round pick.. Other teams give up several no.1's and still the odds are agaisnt them.

It's happened twice in modern times with Wilson and A fella who plays up in New England. Both recipients of such an important gift turned it into superbowls.
Dallas takes no 2 draft picks and turns them into the quintessential "high risk ..high rewards" (when they don't have to) and winds up with Gregory and J. Smith in successive years. the no. 4 pick in the draft , they compulsively use the same policy...
"Productive" is what they should have been looking at.
The linebacker carries a submachine gun, grenade launcher, and rocket launcher and wants to fight an old lady over a parking spot.
They've got about two other guys out on drug charges, there was McClain and Hardy.
And here's the funny part (or sick part) their board will claim conspiracy, claim the Mara has influence onthe Commissioner and is back of it. You have to read it to believe it.
Not funny, because it's symptomatic of a time and reflects societies' mores. If I voted for Trump everything he does is allright and ditto the other way. Polarizaton so strong that objectivity and truth is distorted.
Of course  
grizz299 : 8/9/2017 9:29 am : link
They were doubly gifted because they got Romo for free too and couldn't turn that gift into a playoff win.
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