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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Josh Johnson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/9/2017 3:02 pm
QB Josh Johnson

August 9, 2017

Q: Are you looking forward to Friday?

A: Most definitely. Iím excited I finally get to go against someone else besides our own team. First game of the year, just excited to go out there and show all the hard work weíve been doing. Going out there and execute and try to get a W.

Q: Do you see this as a competition between you and QB Geno Smith for the number two job?

A: Itís the NFL, itís a competition between everybody. Youíve got competition with the guys who want jobs on the street, youíve got competition with the guys in the building. Itís all about your performance. Itís a performance driven business, so youíve got to get out there and perform with the opportunities that youíve got. Obviously for me, I keep it simple. Then, the fact that thereís only one quarterback that goes out on the field at one time, thatís really all that matters, and make sure youíre on the same page with those 10 guys that youíre out there with. To me, thatís whatís more important.

Q: Will coachís decision on who gets more playing time Friday be your first indication of who has a leg up?

A: I guess you could look at it that way. With me, itís all about performing well. Performing well, keeping it that simple.

Q: What are your top priorities with what you want to get out of the game this Friday?

A: First and foremost, win the game. Score a lot of points, no turnovers. Have complete command of the offense, be a leader. And keep our defense off the field as much as possible because weíve got the ball in our hands, weíre getting first downs, putting points up on the board and putting pressure on their offense.

Q: Personally from your performance, what do you want to do?

A: I mean, all those things kind of go hand in hand with me because in order for us to score points, Iíve got to get us in the right situations. Make sure Iím executing the opportunities that Iím given to throw the ball, make sure our run plays are crisp and clean. Make sure that weíre going to the right looks. Not turning the ball over obviously keeps the ball in our hands and puts us in a position to put more pressure on their defense. It helps our defense by keeping them off the field so theyíre fresh. So when they do get out there, they get more three and outís and give us more opportunities to score.

Q: Are you personally excited to be in a game situation?

A: Most definitely. Iím extremely excited. I canít wait. Iíve been thinking about it every night. Just trying to live in the moment, though. Right now weíre still in training camp, just trying to keep being able to prepare and go out there and be ready for everything thrown at me.

Q: How difficult is it to be ready with four quarterbacks?

A: You could say itís difficult, but itís something you have to deal with. Iíve been dealing with it my whole career, maybe one year we only had three quarterbacks, but itís always four. So just got to make the best of the opportunities.

Q: Any receivers you feel like you have a connection with?

A: Iíll be good with all of them. I trust them all.

Q: What are you seeing from WR Travis Rudolph?

A: Young guy, heís working really hard and doing well. Coming along, that shows up on tape. He makes a lot of plays. So thatís another guy that we can go to when we need to.

Q: As veterans, do you push yourself or work for each other?

A: Yeah, we all do. Thatís one thing about our room, thatís why I said earlier, weíve got a better room than what Iíve been around for a long time. Everybody helps one another, everybody obviously raises the bar for one another. We compete at everything that we do, and itís all making us obviously a lot better.
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