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Wednesday Media Transcript: TE Rhett Ellison

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/9/2017 3:06 pm
TE Rhett Ellison

August 9, 2017

Q: Are you excited for tomorrowís game?

A: Fridayís game? Yeah, itís going to be fun going out there and facing another opponent. Itís always fun to play an actual game.

Q: On the first depth chart that was released, you were listed as the top tight end. Does that make you more excited about the upcoming season?

A: Itís early right now; itís training camp. Tight ends are very situation-specific when it comes to whoís out there and what play it is and stuff like that. But it is exciting.

Q: Youíve been working out at the fullback position. How do you think that situation is working out?

A: Itís good. All the tight endsÖ Weíve been getting in there at fullback. We want to be as versatile as we can be on offense. All of us should be able to play whatever role we need to play. Itís definitely progressing.

Q: Head Coach Ben McAdoo feels you have been underutilized in the passing game previously in your career. Do you use that as an opportunity to show that you can be a catching tight end?

A: Yeah, thatís part of it. Also, itís whatever McAdoo asks me to do. You donít get to pick what plays you do. Itís whatever the coaches want you to do. Itís whatever they think is going to put you in the best situation. Thatís the situation I want to be in.

Q: What do you think you bring to the passing game?

A: Thatís a question for McAdoo. Heís the one with the xís and oís. McAdoo and (Offensive Coordinator Mike) Sullivan.

Q: You were with one team for quite a while. What has it been like coming here versus your expectations of coming to a new place?

A: Itís definitely different. Like you said, I was with one team for a long time and with one college for a long time, so that shift takes some adjusting to. But everything has been positive since coming out here (to New York). Iím very excited to be out here.

Q: What are the biggest adjustments?

A: My wife and I are expecting our first baby, so that was number one. We had to get a new OBGYN and figure out where weíre going to have this baby. Then, itís like, ĎWhere are we going to live? What are we going to do with our living situation in Minnesota?í And then it gets to the playbook, and thatís where we are at right now. So there are adjustments in every aspect of your life when you change teams.
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