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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Davis Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/9/2017 3:22 pm
QB Davis Webb

August 9, 2017

Re: preparation for first preseason game on Friday night

A: I feel ready to go, studied my butt off, gotten every rep this entire camp. I might not be in there, but mentally Iíve been pretty into every single rep. So, I havenít missed one. I feel good about it, and just looking forward to playing again. Itís been a while.

Q: Is your knowledge of the offense about where you want it to be?

A: Where I want it to be is perfect. So, itís not there yet, but at the same time, Iíve gotten better every day. I think this past week Iíve really taken another step in the offense. They might check at the line of scrimmage, today we had two-minute, and I think they blitzed every play, and I think I did a pretty decent job of trying to pick it up. When they brought one more guy that we couldnít block, just tried to drift away from it, and get the ball off on time. So, I think I got better today, weíll watch the film, and just looking forward to Friday. Iím just excited for that.

Q: Can you talk about that play where it was fourth down and you rolled out and found WR Jerome Lane. What was going through your head?

A: That was a good play. Itís fourth down, youíve got to make a play. Again, they brought it a little bit, Coach Blick brought six guys. I had to move, I felt pressure in my face, got out of the pocket, and Jerome did a good job of coming back to the football on his little curl route, and put it on him. Getting out of bounds, thatís a big first down. Especially getting out of bounds, thatís a big thing. We did have one timeout then, but just getting out of bounds, getting us back in the huddle, regrouping so we can go onto the next play.

Q: Did it surprise you when Coach Ben McAdoo said you would be getting some playing time on Friday?

A: Iíve gotten every rep this entire training camp. Mentally Iíve been tuned in, Iíve been asking questions in meetings, Iím watching the play progress and going through my reads back there. I might not be throwing it, but mentally Iím throwing it. So, mentally I feel sharp. Physically, it was my first time today in a team setting, but I feel good. I feel ready to go, and once my chance comes, Iíll be ready to go and thatís Friday night. So, Iím excited.

Q: QB Josh Dobbs in Pittsburgh is going through a similar situation, have you talked to him at all and can you relate to him?

A: No, I havenít hit up Josh at all. Iím sure heís doing good Ė heís a smart guy. Their situation is different. Especially with all the rookie quarterbacks this year, every single quarterback has a little unique situation. So, Iíve only talked to a few; Pat Mahomes, Iíve known him for a little bit. I see [Deshone] Kaiser and [Deshaun] Watson are doing well as well. Itís just good to see the rookies in their unique situations and see how they flourish with them. Iím rooting for all those guys.

Q: Have you ever been nervous before a game before, and if not, does this situation qualify to make you as such?

A: I think Iím nervous for every game. Itís just the butterflies, youíre excited. But itís not nervous, itís just butterflies. Nervous is, to me, when youíre not prepared. Youíre kind of freaking out. For me, itís just that Iím amped up and excited and want to get this going. I want to play with my teammates, I want to get a completion, I want to throw a few touchdowns, I want to win the game. So, Iím just excited to play again and go through my pregame routine. Iíve got my music playlist ready to go, and postgame routine. Hopefully Iíll play good with my teammates, and get a W for the Giants.

Q: How do you prepare when you donít get a lot of reps in practice?

A: Again, Iíve gotten every single rep this entire fall camp, I really have. Iíve been behind the quarterback. You can watch me, Iím taking small three- and five-step drops, and Iím arm balling every single throw that Eli, Josh or Geno makes, going through my reads, the one through five progressions. Thereís a lot of different progressions, but itís just trying to go through it mentally. Physically, after practice I throw 50 to 100 balls every day after practice. So, I try to get those throws that I feel like weíve emphasized that day in meetings, and I can steal those after practice. So, Iím not getting the same amount of reps as everybody else but thatís how it is, thatís the situation I got dealt, and it does not bother me because Iíve gotten every rep this fall camp. Iím just looking forward to playing 11-on-11, playing football for the first time in a while, and playing for the New York Giants.
That s kid  
joeinpa : 8/9/2017 4:25 pm : link
That seems like he gets it.
Have to love this Guys determination  
TMS : 8/9/2017 4:57 pm : link
and desire to be as good as he can be. Know it is mostly about talent, in the end, But he certainly has the right work ethic and attitude. Wish him well.
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