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Some NFC East QBs stats since 04 i found interesting

tony71 : 8/10/2017 7:43 pm
I was going to comment on another thread that was talking about Eli and started looking at some QB Stats an kinda got carried away to the point i picked up a note pad to do some figures.Basically I decided i would just looked at the QB position stats of each team in the NFC East between 2004 and now.
I also added the passing & rushing TDs, the Ints,and Fumbles from Reg Season and the Playoffs & Super bowl together to get a basic number. I listed the QBs that started for each team at least one game, but when it came to the numbers, I wanted the QBs to basically be nameless since the other 3 teams have had so many. Some of the numbers I wasnt surprised about and others i was. I may have even forgot why i was doing it at some point. I guess you can just chalk it up to boredom and the fact I need to watch some Giants football soon.

NY Giants record since 2004 with 2 QBs
Kurt Warner (first 9 games in 04), Eli Manning

113 wins plus 6 playoffs and 2 super bowls wins
95 losses plus 4 playoff losses
344 TDs, 228 INTs, 121 Fumbles

if you want to add back ups the giants threw in after sitting ELI, in here then there as
4 more TDS (Nassib 1 ,Carr 3, 2 INT(Painter) and 1 Fumble

Washington since 04 with 10 different QBs
Kirk Cousins,Robert Griffin III ,Colt McCoy,Rex Grossman, John Beck,Donovan McNabb,Jason Campbell,Todd Collins,Mark Brunell,Patrick Ramsey

87 wins plus 1 playoff win
120 losses plus 4 playoff losses
1 tie
276 TDs, 185 INTs, 164 Fumbles

Dallas Cowboys since 04 with 12 different QBs

Dak Prescott, Tony Romo, Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, Kellen Moore, Kyle Orton, Jon Kitna, Stephen McGee Brad Johnson, Drew Bledsoe, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Henson
116 wins plus 2 playoff wins
92 losses plus 5 playoff games losses
381 TDs, 208 INTs, 124 Fumbles

Phila Eagles since 04 with 12 different QBs

Carson Wentz, Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Nick Foles, Michael Vick, Vince Young, Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb, A.J. Feeley, Jeff Garcia, Mike McMahon, Koy Detmer

113 wins plus 5 playoff wins
94 losses plus 5 play off and 1 super bowl loss
370 TDs, 200 INTs, 139 Fumbles

I figured Giants would lead in INTs, was kinda surprised about touch downs and the fumbles though. Still trying to figure out if I consider it good or bad that out of 36 QBs in the NFC East since 2004 we had only 2 Starting QBs and the numbers came up as they did. I suppose you have to take in account some of the backup guys were pretty good starters at one time.
Johnny5 : 8/10/2017 7:55 pm : link
Pretty interesting. Good stuff thx for sharing...
Thank You  
OntheRoad : 8/10/2017 8:30 pm : link
Great analysis.
This is interesting, thanks  
jpennyva : 8/10/2017 8:30 pm : link
The fumbles really do the 'Skins in. I would have thought the Eagles were the least successful in that time frame but it's obviously not the case. Just the sheer number of different QBs the other teams have had is amazing.
I think its amazing..  
jnoble : 8/10/2017 8:53 pm : link
..that in 23 years now we've only had 3 full time 16 game multi season QBs. Dave Brown, Kerry Collins and Eli. (I don't count the half season placeholders like Janelle or Graham or Warner)
Stupid autocorrect  
jnoble : 8/10/2017 8:53 pm : link
I really think we should have won more  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 8/10/2017 11:16 pm : link
Games. Eli is a gunslinger. I also think Coughlin coached erratically. Read Ernies book. He talks about how much of a shitty situation Coughlin put Eli in for the Chicago game. That's just one example.
Great thread Tony  
B in ALB : 8/10/2017 11:23 pm : link
Well done, sir.

My favorite stat is Giants 2 Super Bowl Championships.

Rest of division Zero.
Worth mentioning or speculating  
djm : 8/10/2017 11:45 pm : link
That this Giants team would appear to be on the way up and have a few positive years ahead of it. The record likely improves after another 3 years or so.
Gilbride offense = high possibility of INTs  
SHO'NUFF : 8/11/2017 6:19 am : link
and TC liked running the ball inside the 5. Eli didn't get those cheap 1-yard TD passes like Brees.
Interesting that since 2004, the Eagles  
dpinzow : 8/11/2017 7:40 am : link
have virtually the same record (w/o the Super Bowls). A while back someone posted that the Giants and Eagles have virtually the same regular season record when added up since LT came into the league, but we have 4 SBs to their none
So total QB turnovers (Int+ Fum)  
WideRight : 8/11/2017 8:09 am : link
Giants 349
Skins 349
Eagles 332
Cowboys 339

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