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Question related to 53 man roster and suspensions for Game 1

SLIM_ : 8/11/2017 4:08 pm
I think I know the answer but I want to clarify if anyone knows conclusively. If a player is suspended for game 1, he is suspended in effect after the cutdown date. For example, let's use Ezekiel Elliot. Hypothetically, his suspension gets upheld. He would be required to be counted on the 53 man roster or would he get suspended and then the Cowboys need to get down to 53.

I can't keep track of how many players Dallas will have under suspension but I think it is something like 5. If they had to put all of those players on their initial 53, they could risk losing a key contributor to waivers. Their depth takes a hit due to the suspensions but then could take another hit as they are counting on one of their bottom of the roster players to fill in for a couple of weeks only to be exposed to waivers. Throw in some potential injuries and they could be scrambling for the first few weeks.

I'm almost positive  
bLiTz 2k : 8/11/2017 4:12 pm : link
the team receives a roster exemption for any player suspended.
Players on IR,  
geemanfan : 8/11/2017 4:19 pm : link
IR designated to return or suspended do not count against the final 53.
suspended players don't have to go on the initial 53  
YAJ2112 : 8/11/2017 4:20 pm : link
they go on the reserve/suspended list
James Kratch : 8/11/2017 9:17 pm : link
Elliott would go on the commissioner's suspension reserve list at 4 p.m. Eastern on cutdown day. He'd stay there until the suspension ends, at which point the Cowboys would need to open a roster spot for him.
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