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Post-Game Transcript: QB Geno Smith

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/11/2017 11:54 pm
QB Geno Smith

Postgame vs. Pittsburgh, August 11, 2017

Q: Did you have a little confusion today, not knowing which locker room to go to?

A: No, I knew exactly which locker room to go to. I went over to the other entrance to see if that was still available, but I had to go in the tent.

Q: How did you feel about what you were able to do tonight?

A: We havenít watched the tape yet, but we did some solid things out there. I think thereís also a lot of things we can improve on. So, once we go back and watch the film, weíll be able to assess that and see exactly where I need to improve.

Q: How did your knee feel out on the field?

A: It felt great. Obviously, thereís going to be general soreness from playing the game and having that many reps - more than being accustomed to. Overall it felt great, it felt stable, I moved around good, and Iím very pleased with that.

Q: What happened on the interception?

A: It was just one of those things where coach always talks about making a bad play worse with miscommunication. Thatís solely on me, Iíd never put that on anyone else.

Q: Did it feel unusual playing in this building?

A: Not at all. You know what, I was very excited and eager to get out there. It was a special moment for me, my first time putting this uniform on with these guys. It was fun. I had a lot of fun, I was excited, eager to get out there. Once I went out there I just played, and I didnít think about much, and I tried to make the right reads and do the right thing.

Q: That first series, did it feel pretty good?

A: It felt good. It felt good to just get out there and play again. Itís been awhile since Iíve been able to go out there and have some actual competition and some guys who really wanted to hit me and get after it. So, it felt good.

Q: How did the hits feel?

A: They didnít feel as good, but I was able to get back up and thatís a positive sign.

Q: Is that a big deal, getting the first one?

A: Yes, the first one is always the biggest one, but I was able to bounce back up. I didnít think twice.

Q: Was that on the first play or did it take you a couple?

A: I canít remember exactly which one, but whichever one it was, it didnít affect me too much.

Q: Did your knee feel okay?

A: It felt great. It felt fine, it feels fine. No issues.

Q: That timeout call in the first series, why did you call that timeout?

A: It was something where the clock had got down on me. I was trying to make some adjustments to the protection. It got down to two seconds and I had to call a timeout.

Q: The next play was the sack, what happened there?

A: The disguised it well Ė they held it and they got me on that one.

Q: You have to acknowledge the competition going on, do you think you took a good first step in that competition?

A: Honestly, Iíve just got to continue to improve. We donít really try and focus on that part of it because this game is hard enough as it is. So, I know that thereís some things I could have done better on the field, and thatís what I really focus on. Trying to be my best at every single occasion. I felt like today I was okay, but I can improve a lot.

Q: Did you know when you were going to go in or were you waiting for the signal?

A: They tell you. They tell you ahead of time. Coach told me to start warming up, so I kind of got the idea from that.

Q: How was the first quarter and a half just watching?

A: I was out there rooting Josh on, we were on the sidelines talking over some things that we were seeing. I was just trying to process it all and have a clear understanding of what was going on by the time I got out there.

Q: You talked about WR Travis Rudolph.

A: Yeah Travis, heís a good player. Iím pretty sure thereís some things heíll say he can improve on, too, but you can see flashes of him just being a really good player out there.
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