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Post-Game Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/11/2017 11:57 pm
TE Evan Engram

Postgame vs. Pittsburgh, August 11, 2017

Q: What is your goal moving forward in order to keep improving?

A: Really, just keep playing fast. I was really comfortable out there. Just studying really hard and knowing your stuff just makes the game a lot easier. When youíre out there really second guessing yourself and second guessing what you have in your assignments. So really, just making sure I lock in every week and know the material and know the game plan so I can play the game and we can all be successful. Knowing your stuff just makes the game a lot easier, for sure.

Q: Is there anything that you look back on tonightís game and wish that it went better?

A: A couple plays. A couple plays where maybe the pocket broke down, maybe if we got a [little] more time, we couldíve made a couple more big plays. I couldíve maybe had some better steps on the block. There was one block that I couldíve got more inside on. Just a couple plays that, just fixed a couple things. But overall, I think that it was a good experience and definitely a good starting point for us to build on.

Q: What did you think of your blocking tonight?

A: I went head-up with a couple of big dudes out there. I think I held my own pretty good. Like I said, maybe some stuff to work on, maybe some better steps here and there, but thatís what the film is for. But I definitely felt I was physical and got in there when need be.

Q: How was your blocking tonight different than what you were asked to do in college?

A: I mean, I did a good bit [in college]. It was a lot of blocking out of the backfield, it wasnít a lot of inline blocking. So, thatís been different. But, itís still the same mindset, itís a mentality. Be physical and just want to be sharper with my techniques.

Q: Were you blocking Pittsburgh linebacker T.J. Watt at all tonight?

A: No, I didnít. He was in a couple plays I was in, but he was either dropped in coverage, or we didnít go head-up. I was looking forward to it, heís a good friend of mine, but heís going to be a good player. I was looking forward to competing with him.

Q: Who were you up against tonight?

A: I think I went up against 55 [linebacker Arthur Moats]. I know [defensive end Cameron] Heyward was out there, I had him a couple plays. I think 91 [defensive end Stephon Tuitt], a couple of d-ends.

Q: How do you think your first NFL game lived up to your expectations?

A: This stuff, you canít put into words. This feeling, this dream come true. And to be out here with these guys, it was really exciting. I canít honestly put it into words. It was just a really unique and amazing feeling. I felt really at home out there. I felt really at home, I felt comfortable and I canít wait to just keep building on tonight for the rest of the season.
Seems like a real student  
mushroom : 8/12/2017 8:59 am : link
Of the game. He is critiquing the technical aspects of his blocking. That and his apparent willingness will make him an effective blocker despite his less than prototypical TE weight
So far so good  
trueblueinpw : 8/12/2017 9:08 am : link
Seems like a smart young man. Love everything he had to say after his first game.
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