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Sunday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/13/2017 3:37 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

August 13, 2017

Q: How’d you think the guys looked after the game?

A: Our focus could be a little better, our tempo could be a little bit better. We’re going to go jump on that right now, though.

Q: What’s your plan for practice this week?

A: We’re still in training camp right now. We’ll have a day off on Wednesday, but we had the shells on today. We’ll put the pads back on for two days, take a day off, then jump into a mock game week.

Q: What do you mean ‘jump on that right now’?

A: We’re going to go look at the practice film. That’s what we do after practice, we go in and watch the film.

Q: Do you break camp on Tuesday?

A: We have a day off Wednesday.

Q: Does anything change other than that the veterans go home?

A: If you have a vested year, you have an opportunity to check out of the hotel if you have a place to go.

Q: Anything else?

A: No.

Q: Good to see QB Eli Manning and WR Odell Beckham Jr. connect on a deep ball even though it didn’t count?

A: It’s nice that it was completed, but no, it wasn’t nice that there was a sack on the play. It’s good for the defense.

Q: The defense seemed to have a good day, especially in the two-minute?

A: With defense, we had a couple good drills going. First drill, we got down into the low green; second drill, we got down there as well, dropped ball to end the drill; third drill, scored a touchdown but didn’t convert on the two-point. So that’s the point of it – you’ve got to have three good drills out there and maximize our opportunities, and that’s what we got.

Q: How important is it to have a guy with the versatility of DE Kerry Wynn?

A: Kerry Wynn is a valuable player. He’s been around. He can play inside, he can play outside. He can play on mixed downs, first, second, third down. He can play on special teams. Smart football player.

Q: Did you have a handful of guys after Friday’s game that you wanted to see how they responded in practice today?

A: You always look and see how guys bounce back who’ve had good practices, and maybe not have played in the game as well as they would’ve wanted to play, see how they jump back out here on the practice field and how they handle themselves. It was a good response today.

Q: We don’t ask you a lot about Eli Manning, but how has he been overall in training camp?

A: Eli’s been consistent, he’s been productive. He had a few days off, he seemed a little bit rusty today. I don’t know if that needs to be a headline, but I’m sure most of you may use it. It’s an easy one. We need to get him back and get him some work. I know he’s excited to get back to work.

Q: You said the running game isn’t where you’d like it to be, how much of that is because of the revolving door with different running backs and offensive lines?

A: I think at the running back position Paul Perkins has an opportunity to go out and establish himself. I look forward to seeing him getting more carries as we go through the preseason and into the regular season.

Q: RB Shaun Draughn was running routes today, do you expect to have him back soon?

A: Soon, yes. He’s getting close.

Q: LB J.T Thomas, any update?

A: He’s getting close.

Q: WR Kevin Norwood, what happened to him?

A: Hip.

Q: Has RB Shane Vereen’s workload increased?

A: He was a guy we started slow with. We built him up, he looks like he feels pretty good out there right now, and we’ll continue to build him up, increase his workload.
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