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Sunday Media Transcript: G John Jerry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/13/2017 4:00 pm
Q: So, what did you think of the first game?

A: We have definitely been a more physical offensive line, but at the end of the day, we can and will do better.

Q: What were some of the things that you are aiming to do better?

A: Sustaining blocks, finishing plays, we have to get better at giving the quarterback more time, sacks, all of those things we have to get better at.

Q: How do you think the newcomers are adjusting to the league?

A: I think they are adjusting well, but they are making a bunch of mistakes. But at the same time, they are playing hard, they are playing physical and those things can be and will be corrected.

Q: What kind of advice can you give them?

A: Just keep playing. It is all about the next play. Donít let one play carry to the next play. Just one play at a time.

Q: Did the signing of DJ Fluker do anything for you motivation-wise?

A: I am always motivated. I couldnít care less who they bring in. Everybody knows we have to compete for a job and thatís the way I take it.

Q: What did you see from Friday night that makes you think you guys can run the ball better?

A: I just think we have to keep hammering at it. One thing about this league, you can start off a game and runs are not going to be looking good; they are just going to be two-three yard carries, but if you continue that throughout the game, those two-three yard gains turn into bigger gains later in the football game.

Q: How surprising was the lack of production on Friday night, especially since there was so much optimism during the offseason?

A: Itís one game. We are not going to let two-three series deter us. We are going to stay focused. We looked at the tape this morning, went out on the practice field and corrected it already and just keep it moving.

Q: Was that game a little difficult due to their style of defense playing a 3-4?

A: I think our defense is very multiple. We definitely had those looks in practice even though that is not our base personnel, but we definitely get those looks.

Q: Have you seen any difference in Jay Bromley from the last couple years?

A: Every year is a new year. He is getting a lot better, I can tell you that much. Good thing I donít have to play against him on Sundayís because he is on my side.

Q: What is he doing better?

A: Overall, everything, I think. I think when guys get more experience, you know more and you can react instead of just trying to figure things out on your own.

Q: What have you seen from [Dalvin] Tomlinson?

A: He is a very strong guy, I can tell you that much. He is going to be a hard guy to move. Heís got a good counter rush. He is definitely getting better, day in and day out.
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