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NFT: Job Search

Simms : 8/15/2017 11:34 am
I fear the worse might be out of a job tomorrow.

Its been a while having to be on the saddle looking for a job. Resume has some dust to it.

Any ideas, direction, prayers would be appreciated.
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Simms : 8/17/2017 6:56 pm : link
Know bigbluedownthe shore?

I am trying to connect with him as he said he was willing to help me take a look at my resume.

My post is getting pushed down wonder if he sees it?
anyone else an resume expert?  
Simms : 8/19/2017 8:24 pm : link
I have been sending what I had, could use from help
any PA Headhunters on BBI ?  
Simms : 8/21/2017 11:08 am : link
Please email me at

My advice  
Ron Johnson 30 : 8/21/2017 11:27 am : link
Tailor your resume to the job description. That means a different resume for each application.

The key is working your network. It can separate you from the pack. By network I don't mean friends on fan boards.

Ask a friend with recruiting or HR experience to review your resume.

Take a week off and clear your mind then approach finding a job as your full time job.

Don't get discouraged. Exercise frequently and keep the TV off. It will likely take several months to find a job.
Thanks Ron  
Simms : 8/22/2017 7:22 am : link
Just trying to move forward. Can use a few eyes the resume.
Simms : 8/23/2017 7:58 am : link
Recvd a nibble was kind of encouraging. Only to find out it was a scam. Created a one page resume too.

Reached out to a few people, keeping the faith.
Still interested in talking to any BBI HH's.
resume drop off  
Simms : 8/24/2017 1:57 pm : link
Maybe in some ways worse than cold calling ....

Dropped a few off with a cover letter.
Hard to get the person in charge, everyone wants to deflect rightfully so.

Checked a few company web sites, and called asking for the person to speak with to include in letter, and was kind of shocked how many did not give it up, or said they did not know.
Simms : 8/25/2017 12:14 pm : link
Any tips to assist?
Its been a while since I had one.
Focus on your strengths  
JonC : 8/25/2017 1:17 pm : link
and build your confidence, you're a bit rusty.
Another tip  
bhill410 : 8/25/2017 1:44 pm : link
is if you are applying in Linked in make sure your application is recieved within 48 hours of the job posting.

Also for posts that are a little more "stale" reach out to the recruiter on Linkedin and ask if they are still considering new applications for the position. I have found its a non-rude way to introduce yourself and state your interest to the person handling the resumes for the hiring manager.
another call  
Simms : 8/26/2017 11:01 am : link
Had someone reach out too, unexpected. The rust showed a little for sure.

Digging into my knock em' dead book
older postings  
Simms : 8/27/2017 4:12 pm : link
Any tips or questions for older posted job?
Good luck Simms ....  
short lease : 8/27/2017 5:12 pm : link
I got laid off 10/16 after 17 years with a bank. It took me a while (about 3-4 months) but I am employed and happy. After being angry (etc, ...) with them, in the end I think the bank did me a huge favor.

You will be fine ... be patient and try not to stress (easier said than done - I know).

Good luck!
Simms : 8/28/2017 9:33 am : link
For the kind comments, life is tough right now.
I'm on week 2 of no job  
UConn4523 : 8/28/2017 9:49 am : link
Last week I spent the entire week cleaning the house, re-staining the deck, power washing, and getting the yard ready for my daughters birthday party. As much as I need money to continue coming in, the time off has been really nice. I have another full week of house shit, with some phone interviews and job research sprinkled in.

I can't tell you not to stress it, but I can tell you to try and enjoy some of the time off. Find something productive to do other than job research. You'll go insane spending hours per day on it.
Interview today at noon  
Simms : 8/29/2017 9:11 am : link
Appreciate good thoughts and prayers.
Simms : 8/29/2017 3:15 pm : link
That was my interview. When the person comes in looking to tired or interested to interview .... dunno.

Got them to yes on a number of topics.
Think they simply wanted a different type of person.
Just learn what you can  
JonC : 8/29/2017 4:01 pm : link
and keep going, it's just one of a million options.
Simms : 8/30/2017 7:55 am : link
Have two phone interviews today, and two live interviews next week. Received a call from a company out of CA looking to expand and has a facility about 40 mins away.

Have to do some additional research.
The ball  
JonC : 8/30/2017 8:25 am : link
it is rolling now ...
Best of luck  
GiantsLaw : 8/30/2017 12:08 pm : link
the more interviews you have the easier it becomes to talk about yourself.
Simms : 8/30/2017 6:24 pm : link
These next two positions interviewing for can see good things if it works out.
Sounds like  
ctc in ftmyers : 8/30/2017 6:28 pm : link
things are picking up.

Good Luck.
Simms : 8/31/2017 7:51 am : link
Everyone heading out for the holiday weekend.
Hoping doors open next week for sure.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 8/31/2017 9:13 am : link
luck Simms!
Try to relax and enjoy the long weekend  
JonC : 8/31/2017 9:23 am : link
and then get out there recharged.
SKYPE for mac  
Simms : 8/31/2017 6:25 pm : link
Where is the safest place to download from?
RE: SKYPE for mac  
NYG27 : 8/31/2017 6:35 pm : link
In comment 13579452 Simms said:
Where is the safest place to download from?

Do NOT ask that on a job interview. for the download
Simms : 9/4/2017 11:27 am : link
Another company was interested in me, was pondering being ready via Skype.
Simms : 9/5/2017 9:17 am : link
Interview today, please keep it in prayer.
RE: 130pm  
Gatorade Dunk : 9/5/2017 10:06 am : link
In comment 13584247 Simms said:
Interview today, please keep it in prayer.

No need for prayers. You clearly know your stuff and it'll flow just fine as long as you're comfortable and confident. Just kick ass and give them your best self.
great day  
Simms : 9/5/2017 6:33 pm : link
It literally was one of the best interviews I have ever had.

Had a blast, lasted an hour and a half.
Was walked in to meet the president of the company and of the VP was around (interviewer looked) would have met him too.

Hope the third interview will happen soon.
Have a meeting with another company tomorrow at 9am and an interview on Thursday with a another company.

Really like the place I interviewed at today, a good vibe. Will see.
Simms : 9/8/2017 7:53 am : link
phone interviewer never called me...

Yesterday's meeting pushed to Monday at 8am.

Company I visited the other day is interested in me.
Place is a bit of a freight train wreck but functioning.

Will need a great deal of hands on for quite some time to bring up to speck. Don't know. Talking next Tuesday. Might be a challenge for me to help them and help me grow too.
what to do ??  
Simms : 9/8/2017 4:08 pm : link
I had this amazing interview last week. Truly amazing.
The person who interviewed me was walking me around having me shake hands with me. It was great.

Sent out an email to the person from NV who found me, and also one to the person who did the live interview.

Just received an email saying, it was a pleasure to meet with me! and he is still interviewing others. If its found I am the perfect match they will be in contact.

During the interview process was told there would be a third zoom (skype) interview to close the deal.

How do I reply? Do I reply?
Should I script an another email stating my abilities or simply let it go and hope for the best?
another question  
Simms : 9/8/2017 4:10 pm : link
Can use advice on a linkedin profile... how person is to much.
RE: what to do ??  
ctc in ftmyers : 9/8/2017 7:17 pm : link
In comment 13588754 Simms said:
I had this amazing interview last week. Truly amazing.
The person who interviewed me was walking me around having me shake hands with me. It was great.

Sent out an email to the person from NV who found me, and also one to the person who did the live interview.

Just received an email saying, it was a pleasure to meet with me! and he is still interviewing others. If its found I am the perfect match they will be in contact.

During the interview process was told there would be a third zoom (skype) interview to close the deal.

How do I reply? Do I reply?
Should I script an another email stating my abilities or simply let it go and hope for the best?

Tell them great. If your interested in the job and when do you want to set it up.
Tell them it was a pleasure meeting them too.  
PatersonPlank : 9/8/2017 11:02 pm : link
Tell them you really enjoyed meeting everyone, think you are a good fit for their position, and are looking forward to taking he next step. Also add that if there are any concerns about your experience, and how it may fit with their needs, you'd welcome the opportunity to discuss it with them.
Simms : 9/10/2017 5:31 pm : link
Appreciate the feed back.

Tomorrow 8am interview
8am with two people at the same time
45 mins later with someone else.
Followed by another tag team interview.

Comments, Ideas, thoughts. Checked them out on LinkedIn to get a visual and an idea of their background.
interview was ok-ay  
Simms : 9/11/2017 4:04 pm : link
Still have a phone interview with another person on Wed for this position now too.

My maybe , new boss just told me used to have a layer between his new boss. You things he knows, but does not really now ? What ?

but he did say his boss is highly intelligent.
AND he was OUT in two years ...

I think I can do the majority of the position but they are also on the cusp of cutting a hose of long term in house brokers that are life lines to them.

So it seems a ton of balls in the air for a position not 100% certain I was once certain about. Being one of three others out of 30 in position to contend for this position. And was brought in from a common vendor which said I should be looked at .... kind of who you know.

Think honestly is the best policy here and should mention during my phone interview. Because if NOT the guy, you never know if another position would be made available might be considered.

Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions??
You're torturing yourself  
JonC : 9/11/2017 4:08 pm : link
with over analysis, go easy on yourself and let it flow.
Simms : 9/14/2017 10:44 am : link
recent interview was a lead balloon. Never understood why you would bring in someone who you really were not that interested in ...

Also had two lengthy conversations about another position from a firm out of CA, but position is in PA.

Honestly was not a reach, all of their questions in the middle of my wheelhouse ... yet they need me, are interested in me, with no other suitor on the docket yet prolong the process.

Why keep asking when I can start, then do not pull the trigger.

On another note an agency out of Ohio reached out to me for a position in PA , only 40 miles away. Real good chat, lets hope this one could be it.
Simms : 9/15/2017 9:37 am : link
Good company think I can do good there.
Facility I will be managing has been somewhat mis managed so gives me opportunity.

Odd no 401K ..
Old company used to match upto 6% pretax. BUT now of course there is no way to do that so they slightly raised my offer causing some confusion on their offer letter.

Also only closed 3 holidays ... yeah. Two weeks after a year. And the benefits come with a 5K deductible. Have to pay for all office visits (never did that before) and no meds plan, some generic. Never heard of the group before and my guy says out of network,

Only one week after a year, then two weeks afterward.
No personal or sick days.

Head scratch here.
Do I ask for a week now and not to be used until after 90 days?
Do I ask for labor day and memorial day?
Do I ask for a consideration of a higher rate losing the 401K pretax money to cover alerting my wife's plan to cover us both?
Do I swallow hard take the job (starting on Monday) and keep looking for another position that covers these matters?

Hate to do that, but not certain how they would 100% respond on the above.

My wife's plan at work
cut off  
Simms : 9/15/2017 9:39 am : link
My wife's plan at work would cover us if we had another 10K to salary. Do I ask them to meet me halfway?
I'm no expert, but if it was me...  
manh george : 9/15/2017 11:47 am : link
given that you say that you have the opportunity to do some good there:

1) Keep your demands limited--although you are entitled to make a counter-offer;

2) Do the good and make yourself extremely valuable;

3) THEN make the asks stronger.

4) Consider the first part of your time there as an investment, not as a trend line as to how you will ultimately be compensated.

In 1974-5, after the stock market crashed, I took a job that paid a ridiculously low $10,000, with 3+ years experience and an MBA. Within 5 years I was a managing director. I'm not saying your situation is parallel, but I would get started and prove yourself, and then ask for more.

Congrats on getting the job.
BrettNYG10 : 9/15/2017 11:49 am : link
Simms : 9:37 am : link : reply
Good company think I can do good there.

*Do well.
Offer Letter  
Simms : 9/16/2017 2:03 pm : link
I start my new job as Operations Manager this Monday.

It was a journey that humbled me, and later on lifted me up. Appreciate all the comments and support.

A time when faith and prayers of others helped me right the ship and my walk.

Its was interesting as I was suggested to read the book of John. Of course I read the wrong book, to later on find the correct book. All 20 of them. The day I finished the final book, the offer and position came.

trueblueinpw : 9/16/2017 2:38 pm : link
Congrats to you Simms, good luck in the new gig. I think maybe I've been reading the wrong book - I thought the Book of Job was what I needed but I've just been enduring endless suffering in unemployment. Maybe I'll try John this weekend.
ctc in ftmyers : 9/16/2017 9:10 pm : link
manh george : 9/16/2017 10:28 pm : link
Maybe the Book of Jobs.

Good luck.
Day One  
Simms : 9/18/2017 6:02 pm : link
Home before 530pm. Company has some challenges but that is why I am there.
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