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Tuesday Media Transcript: DT Damon Harrison

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/15/2017 3:48 pm
DT Damon Harrison

August 15, 2017

Q: Howís fatherhood treating you?

A: Well, Iíve been at the [team] hotel, so Iíve just been avoiding it a little bit.

Q: You can go home tonight, right?

A: Yeah, Iíll be up at three, four, five in the morning and be at work at eight.

Q: How has it been during training camp, being away from your son?

A: Well, I go home at night for about 45 minutes and then Iíve got to come back. So, yeah, I see him every night and then he comes out to practice, too.

Q: Does having a child change your approach to the season or to your job?

A: No, man. I still look at it the same way I looked at it the very first day I got here. Nothingís promised, nothingís guaranteed. Iíve got to go out there and work like everybody else.

Q: Do you pay any attention as to what is going on with your former team, the New York Jets, and what they say about their changing locker room?

A: No. I talk to [Jets defense ends] Sheldon [Richardson] and Muhammad [Wilkerson] about every other day. And I just donít concern myself about what theyíve got going on.

Q: At this point in training camp, how hard are you guys grinding?

A: Man, these are the tough days, these are the dog days of camp. Everybodyís dinged up, everybodyís nicked up, hurt in some way, shape or form, and youíve just got to grind through it. I tell everybody, these are the days we should get paid for, not during the season. These are the tough days, man. The Sundays and Mondays are easy.

Q: How are the new guys next you on the defensive line playing?

A: Well, Dalvin [Tomlinson] is coming along. This past, I want to say, week and a half, two weeks, heís taking coaching very well, heís in the classroom all the time watching the film, trying to improve, asking questions. Avery [Moss] as well and Josh Banks. So, I think we have a good group, itís a good competition.

Q: What about defensive tackle Jay Bromley?

A: Well, you see it yourself. Jayís come a long way, man, but thatís just a testament to him being in here in the offseason. I come in here to run and heís already running, heís lifting weights, heís focused. Itís night and day from where he was a year ago.

Q: Do you get involved with what is going on in the news with the Jets at all, or speak to your former teammates?

A: I donít concern myself with anything, Iím minding my own business.

Q: Can you tell an improvement in this offensive line?

A: Yeah. I told you all, I was here, as well as Jay Bromley, [left tackle] Ereck Flowers. He was working from, I want to say maybe a week and a half after the season, he was in here grinding it out, just trying to improve. And when you see somebody, theyíre willing to get better. Obviously, it has to translate out there on the field, but as long as the want-to is there, I think heíll be fine.

Q: How do you view Bromleyís skillset this year?

A: Heís faster than me, heís quicker than me, heís a pass rusher, heís strong, heís long. Now heís just more comfortable in the defense and he knows exactly whatís asked of him and heís doing a pretty damn good job of putting forth the effort. Obviously, you saw it translate out there to on the field, so Iím just excited to watch him grow as the season progresses.

Q: What kind of complement to you can Bromley provide on the defensive line?

A: Well, I mean, you have power and you have speed. But Jay has a combination of both, so he can play the nose tackle as well as the three-technique.

Q: Do you think Bromley is better at nose tackle or the three-technique?

A: Do you want me to tell you heís better at nose than me, is that what you want me to tell you? Iím not going to tell you that.

Q: Is Bromley better at the nose or three-technique?

A: Well, Iím better at being the nose tackle [laughs]. But no, man, you see it out here. Heís in there when Iím not in there with Dalvin and Robert Thomas and theyíre rotating. All of those guys, I told them, Iím the only one-trick pony on the defensive line. Itís nose tackle or bust for me, I canít Ė thereís too much space at the three-technique.

Q: What does a guy of your stature do to improve his pass rushing game?

A: Get lighter, quicker on my feet. Have the same approach against the pass as I do against the run. But if you notice, I stop my feet a lot, you know what I mean? Anytime Iím pass rushing and thatís just me overthinking things, trying to process the blocking schemes, how are they blocking me. But, just letting loose and running up the field every now and then. Like everybody else does. I want to do it, too.

Q: Do you think you are building up to the point of getting more sacks this year?

A: Yeah. I had some pretty good pass rushes here in training camp. But, I havenít been able to put consecutive days together. So, thus far, I wouldnít say thereís been any major improvements on moving.

Q: Do you think you can get double-digit sacks this year?

A: I think we can win a lot of games. Whether thatís me getting double-digit sacks or not. Thatís just a personal goal of mine. I have a number in my mind that Iím chasing.

Q: Do you want to tell us what that number is?

A: No, sir. I canít do that, man, then youíre going to try and hold me to it. If I donít get it, ĎSnacksí is a liar.
Do these interviewers  
Gman11 : 8/15/2017 4:06 pm : link
realize that they appear to be idiots? It's no wonder there are some players that won't talk to the media.
Snacks is one heck of a leader  
Frank from CA : 8/15/2017 5:57 pm : link
DTs are in good hands if they follow his lead. Landon Collins and Snacks are incredible professional athletes. I thank God they are on the NY Giants. I can't gripe or moan with these guys in charge, walking the walk and leading by example. Can't wait for the season to start.
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