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Thursday Media Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/17/2017 3:55 pm
CB Eli Apple

August 17, 2017

Q: What happened to your ankle?

A: Just got kicked a little bit going against some of the receivers. Itís kind of bruised up after practice, but itís not a big deal.

Q: That was Tuesday?

A: Right.

Q: Do you think youíll be ready for Monday?

A: Iím not sure. Iím just going to take it one day at a time and see what happens.

Q: Where you do you think you are in your progress with your new physique?

A: I think Iím right where I need to be. I still have a lot of progress to continue to make as far as continuing to stay on top of my grind, the stuff I put in my body and taking care of stuff off the field and making sure my body is always in tip top shape.

Q: How do you gauge where you are when thereís not much physicality in camp?

A: By looking at the film on some of the stuff you go through in practice. I know Coach McAdoo does a great job of putting us in uncomfortable situations on the practice field, and I think as a defense, we have reacted pretty well to that. I think I have as well, itís just about continuing to stay on top of my grind and get better every day.

Q: Do you want to be as physical within the limit as possible?

A: Thatís what weíre taught. As DBs, we want to make it as hard as possible on the offense. Especially with a timing offense like ours during practice. So, with us, weíve got to get our hands on them and stop the offense because theyíre always on a clock to get the ball to the best guys. Thatís Odell, Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard. So, if we can disrupt the timing, it makes our job a lot easier, for sure, on defense.

Q: At DB, how fine a line is it between doing too much and just enough?

A: Itís definitely tough. I think playing DB is definitely the hardest position, to me, outside of quarterback. Itís just, once again like I said, finding that balance of being handsy, not too handsy, but to the point where youíre disrupting the timing.

Q: Itís almost a reverse of what you had to work on last year it sounds like?

A: A little bit. Every year is a new challenge, for sure.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about WR Sterling Shepard and the change youíve seen him go through since last year?

A: Yeah, he was really good last year. One thing about Sterling thatís always been consistent is his confidence on the field. Heís a very confident player. He definitely talks a lot and makes his presence felt, and I think this year heís playing a lot faster. I think heís more comfortable in the offense, and comfortable with his role. I think heís going to have a huge year.

Q: Does he seem like the forgotten guy between WR Odell Beckham Jr. and WR Brandon Marshall?

A: I donít think so. I know we donít overlook him at all. We know his role, his production Ė he was very productive for us last year, getting a lot of touchdowns for us, He had about eight, mostly in the red zone, too, so heís a very good slot option for us, and he can also play outside. Heís very versatile.

Q: As a defense, what did you take out of the first preseason game?

A: I think we did well. I think we did as well as we could have with the stuff that we were presented with Ė the plays and all of that were kind of vanilla, but it was just about running fast and hitting hard and making all the necessary checks and stuff and I think we did that.
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