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Friday Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/18/2017 5:35 pm
DE Jason Pierre-Paul

August 18, 2017

Q: There was one rep at the beginning of practice where you had a good rep against OL Adam Bisnowaty.

A: I donít remember. When Iím out there, Iím just going full speed, trying to tighten up my technique, figure out pass rushes that I could use with the guys that Iím going against.

Q: What are you doing to evolve your pass rush?

A: Everything. You canít focus on one thing, itís everything. Getting off the ball, I learned that from Osi [Umenyiora] when I was young. Thatís the big key. Stuff like that.

Q: How is the chemistry building between you and DT Jay Bromley?

A: I think the chemistry is there. I help him out, he helps me out. Itís all about the communication. We donít know everything, you know, sometimes a call will be called and I turn over and ask Jay ĎHey, whatís the call?í because I forget it sometimes. Heíll tell me, and Iíll do the same exact thing for him because I know thereís a lot on his mind because thereís a lot on my mind as well, but we communicate together. As long as we communicate, everything is okay.

Q: Whatís the biggest jump youíve seen from Bromley from last year?

A: Heís made a tremendous jump. The way he gets off the ball, the way he uses his power. The way heís reading the blocks, heís not just running up the field. Jay is a totally different player from four years ago. I think heís ready. I think this is going to be his come-out year.

Q: Do you think this defense can be better this year?

A: Yes. I think so. You always want to get better, you donít want to stay the same. So, I think itís going to be a great defense. We lost only one player, I think. Which was Hank (DT Jonathan Hankins). If youíre looking at this, Hank, miss you buddy.

Q: Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said it usually takes the first quarter of the regular season to know what the defense is. Do you feel like you can skip that part because everyone is back, because everyone knows each other?

A: I think preparation, you try to get that first game in and try to see where youíre at. I think it depends on the player. Like myself, I know for instance if Iím going to another stadium or whoever the opposing team is, I know Iíve got to bring my ďAĒ game and Iím going to play 100 percent, maybe 110 percent and maybe a little bit over that. Iím going to give it my all. So, it doesnít really matter about what team and the first quarter. When Iím out there, Iím giving it my all. That way when I walk off the field, Iíll be like, ĎI gave it my all.í

Q: Is the playbook different for the defense this year?

A: I wouldnít say itís different, you just have to learn the playbook. You got to sort calls out. Like I said, any player ainít perfect. Every call is not going to be perfect. You just got to beat the man in front of you. You got to take care of yourself, but you need to know the playbook, do you know what I am saying? Sometimes I have trouble with it myself, but I try to figure some things out myself or I ask my teammates.

Q: Can you do more because youíre an experienced unit?

A: Yes. Spags will call a play and you should know it. If I donít know, I am going to ask somebody that knows it. My whole thing about experience is knowing the playbook because sometimes you forget.

Q: You were young when you won the Super Bowl.

A: I look young right now, donít I look like my old self?

Q: You did cut your hair.

A: Iím growing it back.

Q: Does this feel like that defense?

A: You canít really tell. You canít really tell until you play that first game. You got to go through the struggle. You canít really tell. Right now, the chemistry is great on the team. Everyone is bonding, communicating with each other. Special teams, offense, defense. We are all just like one. The chemistry is there so you canít really tell until you get out there and you can be all that but you have to be a dog on the field.

Q: Can you and Olivier Vernon work off each other a little bit going into your second year together?

A: Yes. There was a play out there, I am not sure if this was the play you were talking about, but I beat the offensive tackle, whoever was in front of me and I see OV coming so I laid off because I knew it was going to be a big hit. If we were in a real game that would have been a big hit so, I laid off and prepared myself to get the fumble so if coach asked me why I laid off, I would tell him I am waiting for the fumble to run it to the house.

Not sure I love  
ZGiants98 : 8/18/2017 6:04 pm : link
How many times he brought up that he still struggles with the playbook. Lol.
Never remember JPP  
TMS : 8/19/2017 1:30 pm : link
ever say something negative about his play or the defense in general. He is always a very positive interview; Not being able to remember the plays is disturbing to me as well. More than a grain of salt on all his comments is advised IMO.
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