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Thursday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/24/2017 3:49 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

August 24, 2017

Q: What is the situation with Valentino Blake?

A: He is dealing with some personal issues right now.

Q: Was that a surprise?

A: He is dealing with personal issues. We are going to give him some time and space to deal with those.

Q: How long is the roster exemption for?

A: We havenít had that conversation yet.

Q: Was he in the building and left?

A: He is dealing with some personal issues and we are going to give him space to deal with those issues.

Q: When did he leave the team?

A: See my last answer.

Q: What is Odellís status today?

A: Again, he is in there. Heís got an ankle. He is working through some treatment. We will see how he responds to it tomorrow.

Q: What is he missing right now?

A: Just practice. An opportunity to get better, prepare for an opponent, a tremendous defense that we are going to see in a couple of days.

Q: How is Brandon Marshall doing?

A: Heís got a shoulder. Heís getting treatment. He is able to be out here with his teammates, so he is getting some mental reps.

Q: With all of the injuries, what is going to be your plan for Saturday night?

A: We are going to deal with the guys who can play. Those are medical decisions, so if guys are available to play versus the Jets, we will play them. If not, we wonít.

Q: Do you think your starters will play into the 4th quarter?

A: We are going to treat it very similarly to the way we treated last yearís third game. We may make some adjustments. We do have three games in eleven days and we will take that into consideration, but we havenít had any play time discussions yet.

Q: Is it fair that the four wide receivers that didnít practice today will not play on Saturday?

A: Itís a little too early, a little too early.

Q: Is the plan still to not play Eli in the fourth preseason game?

A: Again, letís get to this week before we get to next week.

Q: Is it too early to think that Odell [Beckham Jr] and Brandon [Marshall] might actually play?

A: Again, they are in there getting treatment. Brandon was out here today. We have to see how they respond to treatment. A lot of things can happen overnight.

Q: You would be willing to play them in a preseason game even though they didnít practice this week?

A: See how they respond to treatment and see how they look tomorrow.

Q: Are you practicing tomorrow?

A: We have fresh Friday tomorrow. We are getting reps tomorrow.

Q: Depending on which receivers play, how does that determine how you grade the quarterbacks behind Eli?

A: They still have to go out and play. They have to trust the players that they are playing with. We will make adjustments with what we do in the game with players who havenít been around here very long, but they will still have to go out and compete.

Q: Does Geno Smith have to avoid turnovers to make this team?

A: Taking care of the ball would be an important part of being on this team, yes.

Q: What do you think of his overall play so far this preseason?

A: I think he is picking up the offense. He is working hard at it. He gets football. He throws a nice, catchable ball and he completes a lot of balls, so we just have to eliminate the negative plays.

Q: How do you balance making a potential change on the offensive line versus getting guys in there and giving them opportunities?

A: I think the first group needs to play together and you need to be able to push the first group as well, so there is a balance there. But guys have earned opportunities to go in there and compete and we need to give them those opportunities.

Q: But what about the continuity that they are looking to build on?

A: Yeah, continuity is important, but these guys have played together for a few years now and they know each other and they do not have any problems communicating, so communication wonít be an issue there.

Q: Since continuity to an offensive line is so important, is it too late to consider any position switches on the line?

A: Never. Convenience is never a good answer. You have to do what is best for the team and if you can improve the roster, you improve it. If you can improve the starting lineup, you improve it. You never take the easy way out.

Q: From a coaching standpoint, how beneficial is the change in the cut down rules this year?

A: Yeah, the cut down rule will make it interesting. There will be a lot of players out there and a lot of good players out there. Some teams are stockpiling at some positions and they may not keep them around, so you will be able to find some good players out there that have some experience possibly that can come in and make your team better.

Q: How does the new cut rule change the way you handle these next two games?

A: We need to get our first group enough work and then we need to make sure we give opportunities to players we need good information on and thatís important.

Q: Do you think the new celebration rule is a good thing?

A: We will find out.

Q: Have you talked to your players about it?

A: We had the officials in. We had those conversations. We want to make sure we are not kicking PATs from Hoboken. We need to make sure we stay within the rules there and keep the extra points makeable.

Q: Is giving more freedom of expression to the players something that you support?

A: As long as they do it in a timely fashion and within the rules, I donít have a problem with celebrating.

Q: Even if you donít have all of your weapons this week, what are you expecting to get out of your offense?

A: I am looking for getting in a little bit of a rhythm. We want to take care of the ball. Thatís important to us. We want to play with some physicality, complete the ball and just get a little bit better. Find a way to make some gains this week.

Q: Did you like the way [Valentino] Blake played on Monday night?

A: I thought Blake was having a good camp, yes.

Q: How comfortable are you with your cornerback depth right now?

A: Next man up. We are comfortable. A lot of guys have practiced hard and they are going to get some opportunities in the game.

Q: Who steps into that role?

A: Donte Deayonís been playing some good ball for us. [Michael] Hunter is a guy that is nicked up right now, he is in the protocol, but heís been playing good ball for us. So it just opens up the window for some other guys.

Q: Do you worry about Odell losing chemistry with Eli, the playbook, or anything along those lines?

A: No. Not at all.
LCtheINTMachine : 8/24/2017 11:39 pm : link

Q: Have you talked to your players about it?

A: We had the officials in. We had those conversations. We want to make sure we are not kicking PATs from Hoboken.
The last question..  
Gman11 : 8/25/2017 11:06 am : link
Do these guys think up these things in advance or just spew out whatever comes into their head at the moment? Some of these questions are just downright stupid.
Dodge : 8/25/2017 11:15 am : link
You probably have a list of 10 questions that you want to ask. Most reporters probably have the same 10 questions for the most part. Sometimes you don't get a chance to ask a question and if you're towards the end, you just ask a question just to get some time.

Usually that's when a Q&A peters out.
I haven't seen this mentioned much  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/25/2017 11:27 am : link
on BBI... but it seems to me that...

(1) More than Coughlin, McAdoo hates dealing with the media.

(2) More than Coughlin and in Giants' coach in my memory, he is the most tight-lipped with injuries.
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