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Post-Game Transcript: LB J.T. Thomas III

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/26/2017 11:44 pm
LB J.T. Thomas III

Postgame vs Jets August 26, 2017

Q: Good to get back out there?

A: Great to get some reps in, some live-game reps. There is nothing like those game reps. It was good to be back out there with the guys. Being around the guys definitely gave me a lot of energy. Now, it will just be about stacking up days and being back on the field again. Working my way back up into my normal role. Special teams, being able to be more consistent. Today was the first step for me and I look forward to the next opportunity.

Q: Have they said anything to you about your role?

A: Weíre just playing things out by ear. I think the most important thing for J.T. Thomas and the Giants is for me to be healthy. Just keep working me but not overwhelming me with the workload starting out.

Q: Did this take longer than you thought getting back on the field?

A: Yes. You just have to be patient. Listen to my body every single day. It was one of those things that you really have to stay on top of. Just trying to continue to be a leader on the team. It was really great to be back out there and like I said, I canít wait for my next time at bat.

Q: You got your legs taken out from under you. Did you come up and make sure you were OK?

A: It was more of a sense of relief. Just to be able to take the hit and pop back up to be ready for the next play. You really have to understand how good it feels to get those game reps under my belt. It was really good for me mentally which was probably the biggest hurdle. Recovering from this injury, if I can get through this mentally, Iíll be ready to go.

Q: You broke them down after the warmups. What was the message?

A: I always give the guys a little RAH-RAH. Just let them know regardless of who it is and what the circumstance it is time to bring it. Just getting a little old school with the group. They always get behind me. It was good to bring it up and break it down with the guys. Thatís something I always look forward to. To have a game under my belt, you have know idea how big it is for me mentally. For me to be able to walk off the field after a game.

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