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Post-Game Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/26/2017 11:47 pm
QB Eli Manning

Postgame vs. Jets, August 26, 2017

Q: Can you tell us the impact that offensive lineman Brett Jones had when he went into the game?

A: Yeah, I think Brettís done a good job for us. Heís a guy who knows what heís doing, knows his assignments, his details and has played well, whether itís center, at guard. I think the offensive line, all those guys did a great job tonight going against a tough front four and guys who do a good job of getting to the quarterback. They gave us time and we hit some throws down the field.

Q: How do you think the first-team offense did as a whole tonight?

A: Well, I thought we did a good job. We moved the ball well. Obviously, we had the interception. Iíve got to do a better job on that and feeling the pressure and not throwing it right there and getting hit and the ball fluttering up. But besides that, had some good drives. We were able to get into the end zone the other time we got down there close. But I thought the assignments, guys were doing their assignments well and made some plays.

Q: Does it give you confidence that you were able to move the ball downfield without wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall playing tonight?

A: Well, I think weíve got some weapons and I thought [wide receiver] Sterling Shepard and [tight end] Evan [Engram] did a good job tonight. [Wide receiver] Roger Lewis made some plays, [wide receiver] Travis Rudolph made some plays. So, those guys have been here the whole time, been practicing, making plays in practice and it showed up today in the game.

Q: How much has tight end Evan Engram improved since the beginning of the summer?

A: Well, heís improved a bunch. Heís just playing faster now, has the timing of the routes and heís sharpened his assignments and playing fast and making some plays for us. So, thatís good to see.

Q: Was not having scored a touchdown heading into this game something that was hanging over the offenseís heads?

A: Itís not something that kept me up at night, letís say that. I always want to score, you always want to score points and move the ball, so it was good to have some good drives.
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