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Post-Game Transcript: C/G Brett Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/26/2017 11:52 pm
C/G Brett Jones

Postgame vs Jets, August 26, 2017

Q: How do you feel like you did?

A: I thought I did some good things. I mean, thereís things I always can work on. Iím excited to get back and watch the film and see what I can improve for next week.

Q: Do you feel like youíre competing for a starting job?

A: I mean, I donít worry what the coachesí decisions are. Iíve just got to go out and perform and thatís just the way I look at it. I control what I can control, and Iím going to go out and perform the best I can and execute at the highest level I can.

Q: It looked like as the game went on your blocking was better, did you feel that was the case?

A: Youíve got to see the film to see all the things, but just from the flow of the game from the first half, we were definitely moving the ball and doing some positive things. Itís exciting. Weíre on the right track now, and weíve just got to keep moving forward.

Q: Was this a good test for you?

A: Oh, definitely. Those are good players out there with 96 (DL Muhammad Wilkerson) and 91 (DL Sheldon Richardson) Ė those guys are good guys. They got a bunch of them, 92 (DL Leonard Williams) and 98 (DL Mike Pennel). I mean, thatís the strength of their team Ė their front four. So, you want to go out and perform. Itís an exciting challenge, but each and every week youíre going to get an exciting challenge on the defensive front. Thatís just the NFL.

Q: Have you played a lot against 3-4 defenses?

A: In my time in the CFL, no. We donít see that very often, we donít have seven defenders usually in the box. In these last few weeks, weíve played the Steelers, the Browns were a 3-4 team before. So, we were expecting that, and itís been good for us to see those fronts because weíre going to see them later in the year with the defenses weíre playing. So, Iíd say Iíve had as much experience as some of the other guys, but definitely Iím prepared to go and play against those fronts.

Q: Whatís the biggest change for you, is it angles or having a guy over you?

A: Oh yeah, definitely, and the versatility of the fronts. You can do a lot of different things from that front. So it challenges you that way and schematically itís tough, but I think we had a good game plan and it was exciting.

Q: Do you look at this as an opportunity or a competition for that right guard job?

A: I mean, I just try to go out and play whenever I get the opportunity, and it was my opportunity today. So, I want to go out and play the best that I can. Last year was a little disappointing with that, and I just want to make sure that I learn from that experience and Iím prepared for now, and Iím excited for what the next few games are going to be. Yeah, itís exciting.
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