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Post-Game Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/26/2017 11:54 pm
S Landon Collins

Postgame vs. Jets, August 26, 2017

Q: Defense - you got your score, you got Donte Deayonís score, you got JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) on the safety. It was a big night for you guys.

A: Yeah, we were just trying to make some plays and make game-changing plays and be one of those teams that can do that too.

Q: How much confidence does it give to you, the defense, after the way you played today? It's the final dress rehearsal before the regular season.

A: It's an understanding. We practice, we harp on it, it makes us feel confident that we know what we have to do, and we do it well.

Q: Do you feel like this was kind of exactly what you were looking for in this game from the defense?

A: I'm just looking for us to play fast, play sound, be on all our keys and play great defense like we've been doing, and take what we did last year into this year.

Q: Does it feel like you guys are ready for the regular season now?

A: Yeah, we were ready since week one. We've been ready, just ready to be there now.

Q: Can you bring us through the play on the pick. What did you see and how you make the play?

A: Just concept and studying, film study. I got it from Brandon Marshall, he told me to use the route. He's going to read his progressions and maybe throw from there and that's what he did. I sat on it, I knew what the concept of it was with them when they were in the bunch formation, and I broke on it from there.

Q: Is this defense where you want it to be heading into the regular season, given the starters might not all be out there at the same time in the fourth preseason game. Are you guys happy with where you are?

A: Yeah, we're definitely happy with where we're at. Definitely looking to grow, continue to grow and make big plays. Just ready to play all four quarters now and see what we could do. We got a half of it, try to see how we could do four now.

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