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Post-Game Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/26/2017 11:55 pm
DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Postgame vs. Jets, August 26, 2017

Q: What is the difference between when you are playing well but not getting all of the stats, and the way you are when you accumulate stats?

A: I am just going to beat the person in front of me. Thatís the game of football. But at the same time, do your assignment. But 9 times out of 10, if you beat the person in front of you, youíre going to be okay.

Q: In this game, a tune up for the regular season, is this the result you want to see from your play?

A: You just focus on getting better man. Honestly, I am just focusing on getting better. The players are. We are seeing great things, we just got to get better.

Q: What did you see on the safety?

A: I just saw the ball. Yíall liked that though, right?

Q: Ben [McAdoo] said the other day he wanted to see the defense go from good to great, do you think you guys are almost there?

A: Yeah, but we are going to need everybody man, not just the defense. Everybody, special teams, offense. We are going to go back and look at the film and see what we need to do better as a unit and we will correct those mistakes. Thatís what training camp is for, just figuring out the mistakes and getting rid of them.

Q: The defense scored half the points, 16 of the 32.

A: Yeah, you know itís going to be like that sometimes. Great offenses take time.

Q: Do you think you can do better than your 16.5 career high sacks?

A: I think I can. Why? Do you want me to?

Q: You look like youíre about to with the way youíre playing.

A: I donít know. I am just getting warmed up though.

Q: Do you think the first team defense needs any work next Thursday or are you ready for Dallas?

A: I donít know.
JPP looks as dominant as ever  
armstead98 : 8/27/2017 9:41 am : link
This I a great clip of him from last night just destroying the tackle.
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