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Post-Game Transcript: WR Travis Rudolph

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/26/2017 11:58 pm
WR Travis Rudolph

Postgame vs. Jets, August 26, 2017

Q: How do you think you played out there tonight?

A: I felt like I had a pretty decent game.

Q: What were you happy with?

A: The catch, of course. Just making a play.

Q: Can you take us through the play, what happened and how you made the catch?

A: Thatís just an effort play. I feel like when the ball is in the air, itís mine, so I have to go get it.

Q: Do you feel like you have established some good chemistry with QB Eli Manning that carried over to the game?

A: Yes, I did.

Q: Whatís the thing you feel you have improved on the most over this summer?

A: Just learning the whole playbook. When I first got here, it was more about thinking. Now, Iím just playing fast.

Q: You seem to be calm out there (on the field). Does big school (Florida State) experience play into it?

A: Yeah. Coming from Florida State, the offense is pretty similar to Florida State, but you have to go out there with confidence and play fast. Youíre not supposed to think, because when you think, bad things will happen.

Q: Have you gained confidence as this preseason and training camp has gone on?

A: Definitely. Just taking notes from Odell (Beckham Jr.), Brandon (Marshall), Sterling (Shepard) and a lot of veterans and gaining a lot of chemistry with everything.

Q: Did you think you had a chance to score on that play?

A: Yeah. Every time I get the ball, I feel like I have a chance to score. Unfortunately, I didnít.

Q: WR Sterling Shepard said he has to look at it, but it might be a fine (for not scoring).

A: Yeah, that might be a fine. We (the wide receivers) hold ourselves to make plays and finish off on them. It might be a fine, but we have to see.

Q: That would not be the most horrible way to lose a couple of bucks, right?

A: No, itís not a horrible way. It just drives you more to get the ball in your hands and score.

Q: It shows the standard to make great plays and even better ones, right?

A: Yeah, thatís the standard.

Q: Is Sterling the only guy who decides that (a player gets fined)?

A: No, itís the whole (wide receivers) room. We have a board in our room, and we mark down fines for someone.

Q: Maybe Marshall would stick up for you.

A: Weíll see.

Q: WR Dwayne Harris is pretty active in that, isnít he?

A: Oh, heís the toughest one, honestly.

Q: Does it add to all of you guys bonding?

A: Yeah. Itís a great bond in the whole room. Like I said, itís brotherly love in there.

Q: Stick up for yourself, okay?

A: Definitely. Iím not just going to give in.

Q: When you were coming into this game as a starter, did you approach it differently? It must be hard not to be aware of the opportunities at stake.

A: No, itís the same thing. Itís the same approach; coming in to the third, fourth or first quarter, itís the same approach. You have to make the best of every opportunity.

Q: Do you think youíre showing your knowledge and your ability to be in the right place?

A: Yeah. Itís not even just in the games; itís in practice, too. You have to earn the coachís trust to even put you out there. Thatís what it is.

Q: Do you sense that people are starting to notice you a little bit more? What has this been like?

A: Yeah, I guess so. I donít really think of it that much. I just want the coaches and the players to notice me.

Q: Does it make a difference to be on the field, whatever field it is, with QB Eli Manning?

A: Slightly. You just want to be right. You donít want to do the wrong thing. It is what it is, really.

Q: What happens if you do something wrong with Eli?

A: Nothing bad. He communicates with you. He talks it out with you just like, ďLook, this is what youíve got.Ē Heís one intelligent quarterback, one of the best to communicate.

Q: How helpful is it for a guy like you learning the ropes?

A: Itís very helpful because it basically makes you feel comfortable. Coming out there and knowing that you have to go out with the 1ís (starting group), itís really nerve-wracking at first. But he comforts you.

Q: Do you maintain the focus that you want to make this team? Or if you think that the roster gets too crowded, you want to show that you can make a team?

A: Iím just coming out and doing the best that I can do. Itís all in Godís hands and itís in coachís hands, so Iím just trying to come out and be who I can be.

Q: Do you feel good leaving the building tonight?

A: Yeah, I feel good.
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