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Monday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/28/2017 3:22 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

August 28, 2017

Q: Is defensive tackle Damon Harrison hurt or was it just a rest day for him today?

A: Just a rest day.

Q: When it comes to how much the starters will play in Thursdays preseason game against the Patriots, will you keep it the same as last year?

A: Well keep it pretty similar to the fourth game last year.

Q: How did wide receiver Brandon Marshall look at practice today?

A: He looked good, he caught a nice ball on a slant route. Was moving around, got a little bit of work, so its nice to have him back in the mix.

Q: If Marshall does not play on Thursday, do you worry less about the few amount of snaps he has had this preseason because hes a veteran?

A: Well just have to catch him up, well see how it goes during this week. If hes ready to go, well throw him out there. If not, we wont.

Q: Was Marshall limited in practice today?

A: He was limited.

Q: Any update on defensive tackle Jay Bromleys knee injury?

A: Jays sore. Well it take it day-by-day right now and see how he responds to treatment.

Q: How is wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. doing?

A: Hes improving.

Q: What does improving mean?

A: Hes getting treatment, he responds well to treatment and well repeat that process again for tomorrow. So, you dont have to ask the question.

Q: Is Beckham here with the team?

A: Yes, hes with the team.

Q: Is Beckham leaving the team at all for any outside treatment?

A: Where is he going? No, hes with the team getting treatment.

Q: Are you hopeful Beckham will play Week One of the regular season?

A: Yes, absolutely. Im hopeful hell play tomorrow.

Q: If Beckham were healthy enough to play, would you play him in Thursdays preseason game?

A: Well take it on a day-by-day basis. When hes able to go, well take him back. Its a medical decision.

Q: If defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson is needed to start Week One, is he ready to do that?

A: Yes.

Q: What makes you feel comfortable with the possibility of Tomlinson starting?

A: Hes a player thats played at a tremendous level in the college game. Hes come in, hes learned the system very well. Hes good with his hands, he plays with leverage, he destroys blocks. We feel hell be ready to play Week One.

Q: Does wide receiver Tavarres King need to get on the field in order to help his chances of making the team?

A: Yeah, I mean, its tough to say somebodys safe. In this game, this week will have a big impact on things for a lot of guys. You hate to see somebody lose an opportunity because of an injury, but yet, nobodys safe.

Q: How has tight end Will Tye responded to the challenge of trying to make the team?

A: I think Will Tyes responded well, he had a good day of practice today and thats all you can do, just keep stacking good days of practice and hopefully it leads to a productive game for him on Thursday. Its a big game for Tye.

Q: How do you look at the tight end situation at this point?

A: I think that we have a lot of competition in the group, more than weve had in the past. And I think Thursday night will determine a lot of things. Its not just really the tight end group, its the fullback group thats considered there, too. Its really considered a similar type position.

Q: Ideally, would you like to have five total from the tight end and fullback groups?

A: No, I think you take the best 53. I dont think you make a decision on numbers. You can put yourself in a corner that way. I think you have to take the best players you can to get on the 53[-man roster]. And if thats five, if its four, if its three, who knows what it is, but well take a look at it when it comes to Friday and Saturday.

Q: Where have you seen the biggest jump in Tyes game?

A: Will Tyes showing his potential on special teams. Hes been a little bit of a tease there. We think he has more to offer as a special teamer. Again, well take a look at him on Thursday night.

Q: What is linebacker Mark Herzlichs status?

A: Hes just trying to get healthy.

Q: Can Herzlich be on the team, given how important physicality is to his game?

A: Mark has to get healthy right now, that needs to be his focus.

Q: Did you think tight end Evan Engram made strides in blocking and his assignments from the second preseason game to the third?

A: I thought Evan made some gains, yes.

Q: Has cornerback Donte Deayon proven anything to the coaches this preseason?

A: Yeah, Donte plays with a lot of energy, hes a productive player in the slot and hell have another golden opportunity on Thursday night.

Q: Hows Deayon doing on special teams?

A: Yeah, special teams, hes not the biggest guy in the world. He does provide energy and a passion for the game and special teams is a focus for that spot on the roster.

Q: What went into the decision to get defensive end Romeo Okwara some reps at linebacker?

A: Position flexibility. We feel Romeo can handle it physically and mentally and hes done a nice job for us in that transition.

Q: Could that impact how you handle things at defensive end?

A: Yes.
Unless I read too fast,  
Big Blue '56 : 8/28/2017 3:32 pm : link
no questions on Apple's health?
No question about Apple  
UberAlias : 8/28/2017 3:34 pm : link
No questions about RG position.

But a few questions about Tye.
not a single question on John Jerry  
Peter from NH (formerly CT) : 8/28/2017 3:36 pm : link
he must have threatened all of the beat writers before the press conference....
And no questions about the oline?  
superspynyg : 8/28/2017 3:42 pm : link
I thought Jones did a great job.
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