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Monday Media Transcript: T Bobby Hart

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/28/2017 3:26 pm
T Bobby Hart

August 28, 2017

Q: How do you think you played in the first three preseason games?

A: Just, you know, ascending. Trying to get better at everything. Just trying to correct the things that I make a mistake in the game before and just get better as a player each time I step on the field.

Q: How is your work in the offseason translating now?

A: Weíll get the real test when we play Dallas. So, weíll see then.

Q: What has the summer been like for you when it comes to spending time with the first team?

A: Just being able to play together. Just being familiar with the person youíre playing next to. How they play, you know, their playing style, and you can play off of that so you get the best results. So, itís definitely a plus. Itís definitely a big thing.

Q: Is the fact that the offensive line is unsettled affecting you?

A: No. All those guys (John Jerry, Brett Jones, D.J. Fluker) Ė they do a great job when they come in the game. Just being prepared throughout the week and just coming in the game and just hitting the ground running. So, I think both of those guys Ė all three of them Ė they do a great job. Brett (Jones) came in and did a great job when he came in at guard. D.J. (Fluker), as well. While being with the first team and playing with that guard definitely can help you, the way we practice and the way we do things Ė itís no big deal if itís something different.

Q: How much different is your mindset entering the season knowing youíre the starting offensive tackle?

A: Itís no mindset. No different. Like I stated before Ė just getting better every time you step on the field and working on the things that you have trouble with and not making the same mistake twice. Thatís the biggest thing. So, being the starter or if youíre not a starter, you still have to do those things every day if you want to be great.

Q: What did you take from last yearís experience?

A: Just a lot things. Like I said Ė each day I step on the field, thereís something I can get better at. So, each day thereís something that Iím working on.

Q: When you look at yourself on film, where do you see the biggest difference when you compare yourself last year to this year?

A: Just overall strength. You can just feel it. Last year, I felt like there were times that I could get overwhelmed and lose technique where Iím trying to make up for lack of strength. So, I definitely can feel the strength and itís definitely made a difference.

Q: Did Saturdayís game against the Jets give you more confidence that you can run the ball?

A: No. Like I said, itís not about the other team. Itís about us in that room getting better every time we step on the field, every time we go through a walkthrough, every time we get together. Itís just about getting better. Not making the same mistakes, correcting things that you made a mistake before and just sharpening those tools, so when you get in a game, youíre just a complete player.
I don't think  
Gman11 : 8/28/2017 3:56 pm : link
he understood the last question.
RE: I don't think  
section125 : 8/28/2017 4:49 pm : link
In comment 13575911 Gman11 said:
he understood the last question.

They are all programmed to talk about the team and improving. No matter the question, they spin it.
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