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Monday Media Transcript: LB Jonathan Casillas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/28/2017 3:28 pm
LB Jonathan Casillas

August 28, 2017

Q: The starters are probably not going to play a lot on Thursday, are you ready?

A: Not yet. Once we figure out who is going to be playing come September 10, whos going to be on the roster, and as we approach that date, were going to be more and more ready. As of right now, we dont have our team configured quite yet, so I dont think it would be possible to be ready quite yet.

Q: What do you make of the defense not allowing a touchdown in the preseason?

A: So far so good. Weve only had, collectively as a first team unit, a couple series together per game. Last game was a very solid outing for us, with the first couple series, but theres still things we need to correct missed tackles, gap integrity, stuff like that. Were trying to take it to the next level, so weve got to keep improving and crossing our Ts and dotting our Is, and I think were doing a good job of that.

Q: Whats your level of confidence in DT Dalvin Tomlinson since DT Jay Bromley probably wont be playing on Thursday?

A: Its there. Ive seen some impressive stuff on tape. So, I think for him to play for us, I think were all ready for him to play. Whether its behind Snacks (Damon Harrison), rotating at the three, whatever it is. Im sure hell be a solid contributor. Its so early, we dont have anything of his body of work besides college. So, its hard to say hes done this here when he hasnt. From what Ive seen so far, hes very strong, hes very physical, and were going to need that play from him.

Q: How do you think guys like LB Calvin Munson and LB Curtis Grant have responded to an increased workload?

A: Very well. I think Munson has seen, from playing on the third or fourth team, not getting too many reps to basically getting bumped up to number two, its tremendous what hes been able to do this camp Curtis Grant, too. Hes playing multiple positions -- Sam, Mike and Will -- and I think the transition for him for all the positions has been fairly smooth. Especially because its not easy to play any one of the linebacker positions, especially not all three.

Q: What would it mean for you to be a captain again?

A: It would be awesome. I mean, I was voted captain last year. I felt very accomplished by that, you know, with the locker room and first time being voted, with a lot of veteran guys I feel like I had to get that vote from. So, it would be great. I had it one time, it would be great to be one of the captains for the Giants, but I still consider myself a leader, I know a lot of guys do. So, if Im not voted, Ill still try to keep that leadership role.

Q: Is that a good thing to have a lot of leaders and a lot of guys to choose from?

A: Oh, for sure. On the defense alone, theres like four, five, six guys that come to the top of my head. I cant really be mad if it doesnt happen that way because I know my role, and I think I play my role very well.

Q: How difficult of a week is it for the team knowing the cuts are coming on Saturday? Is that a tough transition for a team from now until September 10?

A: A little bit, because theres really no week in the NFL like this fourth preseason/beginning of opening week. Theres nothing really like that at all, besides this time of the year. The worst day in the NFL is coming up, which is the cut day, and this year is different. Were going from 90 to 53, it used to be in increments. I dont know if were going to be prepared for that. Theres always some stuff that goes on cuts happen where the days going on and someone gets pulled out of a meeting just stuff like that. You hate to see it, its part of the game, and Im not looking forward to it, that sucks. At the end of the day, it is a business, and we do have to figure out the right 53 to play for the New York Giants. This fourth game is going to be very important, and were going against the New England Patriots. So, weve got to strap it up and play your A-game.

Q: How much are you thinking about the Cowboys?

A: Weve been thinking about them for a long time. Weve been working. Everythings been building for September 10. Whatever weve been doing come April, weve been building for September 10. All the preseason games were important, of course, but were all building for September 10. So, weve not just started with Dallas this week. Weve been talking about Dallas what theyre doing and how we think theyre going to attack us. So, we have been thinking about them a lot.

Q: Have you started watching film already?

A: For sure. 100 percent. Everybody.
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