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Tuesday Media Transcript: RB Paul Perkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/29/2017 3:22 pm
RB Paul Perkins

August 29, 2017

Q: Do you think the running game is taking a step in the right direction?

A: Yeah. I think we made steps in the right direction. Progress Ė thatís the biggest thing for us. Coachís mantra is 1% better, so I think weíre definitely following that mantra.

Q: How different has the offense been with a fullback in the lineup?

A: Itís different. I mean, last year we did a lot of spread sets. The angles and the blocking is definitely different, but I think itís definitely helping our team in the run game.

Q: How do you think you personally improved in the game against the Jets?

A: Itís just like I said before, you know, progress. I think weíre really coming together, gelling together as a team, as an offense, and just the cohesiveness on the offensive side of the ball is coming together.

Q: Are you confident that the run game will break out?

A: Yeah. I mean, itís just only a matter of time. Weíre just making steps in the right direction, continuing to progress and I think weíll be in our stride for the regular season.

Q: Do you see things on film that make you think the run game will be strong.

A: Yeah. I mean, whether itís misreads from the running backs or just the minor details that we can clean up and help the offensive line improve their blocks.

Q: How close are you to where you want to be when it comes to the running game?

A: We have high expectations for ourselves. So, I mean, if we keep a high ceiling like that, it could take all year. We want to be the best, so just continue to progress and learn from our mistakes.

Q: Is 1,000 yards considered a good season for a running back?

A: Yeah. I think we have, as a room, we have high expectations for ourselves looking at what the other running back groups have done in the league. So, thatís definitely a motivating factor for us.

Q: How ready do you feel to be a work-horse running back?

A: Itís awesome. This is what weíve been playing for. Just blessed to be in this position. So, Iím looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity.

Q: How are you personally approaching Thursdayís game against the Patriots?

A: Like a regular game. Film study, you know, doing everything that I usually do. Itís just a regular game - preseason or not.

Q: Have you done any preparation for Week 1 at Dallas?

A: Honestly, Iím not even thinking about Dallas right now. Itís more focused on New England and week-by-week for me.
its definitely 1% better  
mattlawson : 8/29/2017 7:26 pm : link
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