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Tuesday Media Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/29/2017 3:25 pm
CB Eli Apple

August 29, 2017

Q: How do both of your ankles feel?

A: They feel good. The one thatís hurt right now is my left one, and itís coming along well. Just taking it day by day.

Q: What happened?

A: It was actually on the deep ball. So, there was an underthrown ball and I had to adjust to it, and once I stopped, my foot kind of got stuck in the turf and bended a little bit weirdly inside. So, itís just a little sprain.

Q: Did you stay in after that or did you come right out?

A: No, I stayed in.

Q: It was the one right by the goal line, right?

A: Yes.

Q: Nothing that you think will prevent you from playing week one?

A: I mean, I donít think so, but weíll see. Just got to take it day by day.

Q: Has the treatment been going well so far?

A: Yes, sir. Real well.

Q: Are you responding to it?

A: Yep.

Q: What are you able to do?

A: Yeah, just like the water, swimming pool treadmill thing. So, I did that, and then I do a lot of bike and stuff like that.

Q: Are you starting work on Dallas?

A: Yeah, we have.

Q: Have you, personally started work on Dallas?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: How do you view that rivalry?

A: Itís definitely a big one. Theyíre a team in our division, so those games definitely mean a lot more. Itís the first game of the season so we just want to kick it off the right way.

Q: Does being hurt hinder your ability to gain momentum towards week one?

A: I mean, it can, but with us, we make sure we do a good job of getting mental reps during practice and watch a lot of film. That way, weíre kind of in the game.

Q: What do you tell some of the rookies being thereís one game left, maybe theyíre on the bubble?

A: Just to play their game and do what theyíve been doing their whole life. Just playing football and going really hard.

Q: Is it difficult knowing a lot of those guys arenít going to be in the room come Saturday?

A: It is. Itís definitely a little difficult, but you just do your best as a teammate to keep encouraging them and helping them out.

Q: The other ankle from getting stepped on, thatís fine?

A: Yes.

Q: Does it excite you that the NFC East is so stacked with receivers?

A: Yeah. You know, with us, itís definitely one of the best divisions in the league. Of course, that competition is great because it brings the best out of you. Iím definitely looking forward to the season Ė I think we all are as a team. So, it should be great competition.

Q: Have you seen WR Odell Beckham Jr. in the treatment room?

A: I have.

Q: Howís he doing?

A: Heís doing well. Heís hanging in there.

Q: What do you see in WR Travis Rudolph?

A: Just somebody thatís very resilient. Heíll make a mistake here and there, but heíll never make the same mistake twice, kind of guy. He goes really hard. He has shown flashes of his ability, as youíve seen in the game with a couple big plays. So, I think heís a really electric guy.

Q: Itís assumed that not a lot of starters will play on Thursday. If thatís the case, how ready do you think this defense is for the regular season?

A: I think weíre ready, itís just a matter of staying on top of our stuff. Staying on top of the details, and just continuing to work in practice and keep our conditioning up.
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