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Wednesday Media Transcript: LB B.J. Goodson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/6/2017 4:39 pm
LB B.J. Goodson

September 6, 2017

Q: How closely were you following the Ezekiel Elliot situation?

A: Not really much, but you know I think it is great for competition. Its good. So, there wont be too many what ifs. So, I think it is great for competition.

Q: Does that change your preparation for this week?

A: No. The preparation is the same.

Q: Do you like not having any what ifs?

A: Yeah, I like that it takes away from that element so, I love that.

Q: Jonathan Casillas talked about how youre not doing this alone and that everyone else has your back, can you talk about what that means to you?

A: The guys around me areI always say, them being comfortable with me calling and leading the defense was the biggest thing for me. So you know those guys feeling that way makes me feel a whole lot better with calling the defense and it makes is a lot easier for myself.

Q: What kind of support do they give you when youre out there on the field?

A: Just little tidbits. Even though I am running it, I am not out there by myself. As you know, any great defense in any sport, there has to be great communication. So, talking to those guys, those guys responding and talking to me, it makes everything a lot easier.

Q: This almost feels like a new chapter for you and your career, what do you think is going to happen on Sunday night?

A: I keep life simple, man. I keep life very simple. Just taking it a day at a time. Preparing and just having fun man. A lot of guys get caught up in the moment and forget to have fun.

Q: Did you ever doubt you would be in this position?

A: No, I never doubted it. Ive always prepared as a starter so its something that Ive always felt it coming.

Q: Is your preparation different depending on what running back you face?

A: Well their running styles are definitely different, but all in all, they do what they do. They are who they are. They have great players and regardless of whos back there, they are all great backs so, I feel like its good for competition that they have all of their options.

Q: So, your preparation is pretty much the same?

A: Right.

Sounds like Harry Carson.  
TMS : 9/6/2017 5:42 pm : link
All business and ready. Hope he is the new MLB, its been awhile since we had an enforcer in that spot.
Could have asked whether Robinson's absence broadens his role.  
Big Blue Blogger : 9/6/2017 10:51 pm : link
But that would have interrupted the relentless focus on Zeke.
I'm hoping he can play well in the passing game  
Heisenberg : 9/7/2017 10:43 am : link
because I know he's gonna bring some real thump in the run game and I'm excited to see that.
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