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Place to catch the game in Manhattan

Phiddler : 9/7/2017 5:34 pm
Iím on the Upper West Side, but would consider going outside my comfort zone to be with serious Giantís fans. Iím not a big drinker, but am good for one-maybe two-glasses of serious red wine. I need a tribe to root with during the games. Thanks.
HoustonGiant : 9/7/2017 6:03 pm : link
You need to try to find Giants fans in NY?
Are there any Giants bars in North Jersey?  
PatersonPlank : 9/7/2017 6:51 pm : link
Define "serious Giant fans"?  
Jimmy Googs : 9/7/2017 7:15 pm : link
Define "serious red wine."  
StingerProf : 9/7/2017 7:22 pm : link
Blondies bar  
Rambo : 9/7/2017 8:20 pm : link
Best wings in NY and it will be nothing but Giants fans
Stumble Inn  
McNally's_Nuts : 9/7/2017 8:29 pm : link
they have an excellent red.

Franzia 2012.
Not sure, but I did hear you can catch the best  
BNY Giants Club : 9/7/2017 9:52 pm : link
NYC pizza at Frank Pepe in New Haven, CT.
Phiddler : 9/7/2017 10:24 pm : link
Thereís a bunch of bars showing the game in my area. But thereís not a lot of older guys in these places. I want people focused on the game.

ďSerious" red is a relative term, of course. For me, itís an Amarone, Borolo, funky Bordeaux, or some complex, southern European red, preferably with a touch of brett.
Blue Oyster Bar  
B in ALB : 9/7/2017 10:40 pm : link
In the Village is probably the best Giant bar in town. They usually run great specials in the morning if the game is at 1p.

On Sunday they'll probably have a buffet featuring home cooked meats and gimlet specials.

It's worth checking out because it's serious Giant fans only there. They're all about the Big Blue.
RE: Stumble Inn  
NDMedics : 9/8/2017 12:00 am : link
In comment 13587745 McNally's_Nuts said:
they have an excellent red.

Franzia 2012.

Loved that place in the 80's when it was the Hudson Bay Inn. I lived above it.
RE: Define  
Sec 103 : 9/8/2017 7:02 am : link
In comment 13587701 StingerProf said:

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