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Friday Media Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/8/2017 4:54 pm
DE Jason Pierre-Paul

September 8, 2017

Q: Does the Dallas offensive line look different this year, as opposed to years past?

A: Not really, I didnít [see] that [from watching film]. Iím going to have more of a feel for it in the game when I get there. So, itís always a feel for the game and what the guy is doing in front of me and how everything is going.

Q: Why do Giants-Cowboys games always seem to come down to the final minute?

A: I donít know. I really canít answer that. I know both teams are going to give it their all. We are and I know they are. Itís a division rival game, this counts as two games for us. And weíre just going to go out there and try to give them our best shot that we can. Weíre going to play some good defense, I know that theyíre going to play some good offense. So, weíre just going to give them the best shot that weíve got.

Q: Are you excited by what you were able to do in the preseason?

A: Iím still getting warmed up. I feel like Iím still getting warmed up, still [have] a couple of things I need to tighten up. But as the season goes on, thatís what you still work on. Preseason is preseason, training camp, OTAs, all that [was] getting you ready for football. I think everybody feels the same way about it. But Iím just getting warmed up and weíll see what I can do in the regular season.

Q: Will you be warmed up by Sunday night?

A: Weíll see. All bullets are flying then. Iím 110%. I do play full speed Ė I try to play full speed every play. I try to give 110%, but as far as that, these games count. So, Iíll be out there.

Q: Do you like playing against Dallas?

A: I donít care who Iím playing, to tell you the truth.

Q: Did you have to change the way you approached the game because of the core injury?

A: Not necessarily. Me personally, I look at an injury [as] something to just get over. To be honest, after my hand surgery and my hand accident, I feel like thereís no injury I can really overcome. So, I look at an injury as a positive thing, but also a negative thing. Due to my injury on the Fourth of July, I look at every injury like, ĎOkay, get over it.í If I can come back from that I can come back from everything. So, I proved it. Iím out there playing well right now, Iím just trying to get better, thatís it.

Q: How much of an advantage is it that you now know more about Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott than you did last year when he was a rookie?

A: He was a rookie. Every year, you feel like you have the total details on somebody, but thatís not the case, thatís not necessarily true because every year a guy changes and there are changes in their fundamentals. Like me, my first step. You just try to get better, you never try to stay the same. You try to throw everybody off of your game. He did pretty well last year and Iím pretty sure heís going to do pretty well Sunday night, but itís our job to get him off the spot and play that run. And also watch out for 21 [running back Ezekiel Elliott]. So, weíll see.

Q: What is the key to stopping Elliott?

A: I donít know the key. Our job is to go out there and defend the yards behind us, defend the field behind us and thatís what we are going to do as a team.

Q: Do you think that you can win Defensive Player of the Year this season?

A: Honestly man, when I look at Defensive Player of the Year, it all is on the speak of my play. But, I have no choice but to go for it, you know? Iím the type of dude that, Iím greedy, but at the same time, youíve got to make sure youíre doing your job right. But at the same time, everybody has goals they want to achieve. If I get that, I get that, but Iím going to play to my full capable ability and go 110%. I feel like if I play like Iíve been playing in the preseason and up it up when itís time to really up it up, then anything can happen.

Q: Being one of the only players left from the 2011 Super Bowl team, do you feel a similar sense this year that you did that one?

A: Honestly, like I said, weíve got great players here. Weíve got great talent. You look around and thereís talent everywhere in the room, on that defensive side of the ball, and the offensive side of the ball. But, itís going to take a team to do it. You canít just look at everybody individually. The team is good. Itís not a Super Bowl team yet, but I feel like if we donít make those mistakes and we close the games out that we need to do Ė take it one game at a time, weíll get where we need to go. We were in the playoffs last year, our job is to make it to the playoffs and get to the championship. So, thatís our job, thatís what we strive for and every team out there is striving for that. But we want to be the ones to get it, though [laughs]. So, thatís basically it. Hopefully, this Sunday night we go out there and do what weíve got to do to come out with a victory.
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