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Getting fired up!!!

Beezer : 9/10/2017 6:10 pm
Just two and a half hours to kickoff.

Months of supposing and speculating and anticipating. The new weapons on O, the belief that the D will repeat.

It's almost here folks!

Been trying to stay busy, catching some of the earlier games, but now it's tough it to pace a little.

Food, drinks ready to go. The house is in proper "game order."

Who else is beginning to ramp up?

Let's go!!!
Can't Wait!  
jpennyva : 9/10/2017 6:34 pm : link
This day has been going by SO SLOWLY!!!

I can't wait until the "will-he-or-won't-he-play" debate is over.

I can't wait to see the Defense unleashed to shut up the smug Cowboy fans even though Elliott is playing.

I can't wait to see an improved Oline giving Eli more time to utilize the additional weapons they have this year.

Go Big Blue!
BigBlue2112 : 9/10/2017 10:43 pm : link
oh the optimism.....
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