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NFT: Anyone there in Naples FL?

EdS56 : 9/10/2017 9:43 pm
My mother is with us luckily up here in VA, but she has her house in North Naples. Anyone down there with how it is?
How the flooding is?

spike : 9/10/2017 9:48 pm : link
Anderson Cooper is broading live from Tampa and has reporters throughout FL
spike : 9/10/2017 9:48 pm : link
Eh, it has mostly been on Miami and Tampa  
EdS56 : 9/10/2017 10:06 pm : link
Two places that while important, aren't the issue for us.
Family IN Naples  
uconngiant : 9/10/2017 11:38 pm : link
They called with no power and said they were okay, but the rain and wind were very scary at one point. They are good with minor damage to the roof with a shingle or two blown off.
All of the major cable sites...  
manh george : 9/11/2017 2:16 am : link
are saying that the storm surge in Naples, Fort Meyers and most of that area was spectacularly lower than at first anticipated.It was like 4 feet in many places instead of 8-15. Doesn't mean there isn't damage, but the amount of flooding came in way lower than anticipated in that part of the state. The eye came in to the east, instead of at the shore or just off shore, so the area didn't get winds coming onshore from the west, pushing the water, as expected.

Good luck, but I believe there is reason to be hopeful in terms of flooding damage.
I work in Naples  
JFIB : 9/11/2017 6:57 am : link
Probably won't make it back there till Wednesday at the earliest. I was told it was hairy but the expected surge was much lower than originally expected.
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