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A thing about the offensive line/Jerry Reese threads

Essex : 9/11/2017 7:35 am
These debates often get bogged down did he invest enough resources or not. I find that to be almost beside the point. He did invest in the left side of our line, but besides Pugh he has invested badly. On the right side, he hasn't made really any progress since McKenzie/Snee left and his only real investment was Schwartz. At the end of the day our OL has been awful for five years (this would be the sixth), with no running game, shaky pass protection etc. You can have all the talent at the skill position in the world (which we don't--we have Beckham and a whole lot of guys that aren't proven at WR/Te and an old BM), but you need an offensive line to function. Besides Mcadoo's first year at OC, our offense really hasn't functioed since Hurricane Sandy. Eli is now getting old and there is little doubt that his skills have eroded somewhat, but the real crime is that we had a QB who was a proven winner and our GM had just so many years to rebuild this line and failed--irrespective of what we invested or didn't in position. Anyone who has a brain knows Eli flourishes with protection and has great difficulty when he isn't well-protected. That Reese failed to protect him is a failure of gigantic proportions. As an aside, the organization decided that they couldn't fix the OL fast enough so they even tried to change offenses, one that limits Eli's errors for sure, but also took away what made him great--the intermediate passes.
And now he's playing scared/skittish  
The_Boss : 9/11/2017 7:54 am : link
Ever since Jerry had him obliterated by Chris Baker last year in week 3. He doesn't see the field like he should because he's concerned about which substandard player along the OL is going to get him crushed next. As a result, he's playing hot potato with the ball: dumping it off as soon as he gets it more often than not. Down and distance be damned. Case in point last night: 3rd and 4 and his footwork/mechanics were so fucked up, he somehow threw it high to Shep 2 yards past the LOS who had to awkwardly catch it and come up a yard shy. There were quite a few other ugly quick dumpoffs last night too. It's something we've seen with much more regularity since that Baker hit.
Every QB in league  
Gman11 : 9/11/2017 8:01 am : link
flourishes when he's protected.
Think it is bad now?  
Doomster : 9/11/2017 8:01 am : link
Wait until next year...the potential is there for Richburg and Pugh to go elsewhere.....Flowers did not get his obligatory holding call until the fourth quarter, and Hart/Jerry is a total failure.....but don't worry, we have Solari to coach up possibly 3-4 new OLmen....
RE: Every QB in league  
Essex : 9/11/2017 8:04 am : link
In comment 13593344 Gman11 said:
flourishes when he's protected.

Of course, they do, but certain QBs also flourish when the pocket breaks down, such as Rodgers and Big Ben. They don't need the investment in an OLine that we do because their offense can function with bad OL play obviously everyone would rather have good online play than not, but some Qbs can adapt. Eli can't, it is just not his skill set.
New Tight Ends and continuity on the line. That is how  
Jimmy Googs : 9/11/2017 8:17 am : link
we invested.

The rate of return looks like it will need further time...
The O Line  
Carson53 : 9/11/2017 8:31 am : link
continues to be a concern, Eli has happy feet now.
The right side of the line is a JOKE!
trueblueinpw : 9/11/2017 8:41 am : link
I thought this was going to a different take on the most well worn argument of the past few years. Look, we'd obviously be a better team with an All Pro at every position along the line. But, there's enough talent on the line and at the skill positions to put more than 3 points on a very average Cowboys defense. The problem with this team is the head coach and his offensive coaching staff don't know how to scheme and game plan.
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