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Changes for Offensive firepower?

Elite Mobster #32 : 9/11/2017 10:54 am
Hart was knocked on his Ass!
Infusing Chad Wheeler in at tackle would be a seamless transition. Rookies can start on the offensive line and Wheeler is a very mature and skilled rookie.He can solidify the situation, he adds more bulk to an undersized line. Just put him in.

Paul Perkins and Orleans Darkwa have exchanged physiques
I couldn't believe haw slow Perkins was hitting the hole
On the contrary Darkwa was fast and hit the hole with authority
Darkwa should go in to the game first, and I think the Rookie Gallman needs carries too
Its obvious that Perkins put on extra muscle to take more punishment but now he is slower, so he need to try and transition himself back somehow.

I think the WR we have on the practice squad TRAVIS RUDOLPH needs be brought up, now waiting around NOW!
He is a good receiver to add right now with Beckham out, because he helps Eli complete passes that are not accurate. He seems to be able to contort himself better to accommodate some of the shit Eli puts up, Its really disappointing for the our veteran QB, when we see Prescot was putting the ball low and away from the defender.
I did see Eli avoid a few plays that would have put the receiver in trouble but we need guys who can adjust to his passes when he doesn't (Rudolph)

Its a surprise we cut Will Tye and don't play the guys we cut him for. I thought Tye a good safety valve.
Matt Lacoste needs to get in there right away.

Gman11 : 9/11/2017 11:00 am : link
make it stop!
wash, rinse, dry ..repeat  
micky : 9/11/2017 11:04 am : link
How about  
RetroJint : 9/11/2017 11:05 am : link
allowing Sully to call the plays? What the hey?
You don't understand how rosters work.  
Gatorade Dunk : 9/11/2017 11:16 am : link
Read more, write less.
Elite Mobster #32 : 9/11/2017 11:22 am : link
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