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The offense is broken

NYGmen58 : 9/11/2017 12:29 pm
All you need to know/understand is 12 carries for 35 yards. Defenses are basically lining up with 2 deep safeties daring, if not begging the Giants to run the ball, knowing that they can't/won't. This takes away any the ability to throw the ball downfield and allows defensive ends to pin their ears back and wreak havoc on our offensive line, which is outmatched and overwhelmed almost every play.

The problem is a combination of coaching and personnel more than effort/execution. The Giants have starting offensive lineman that would struggle to win backup jobs on other NFL teams who were handed the job without having to earn it. What competition has Bobby Hart ever had at RT? Who did Jerry ever beat out to win the RG job? Who has pushed Flowers at LT? These players have been handed their positions by default, whether due to injury or because there simply was no one else on the roster to consider. That is a death-knell scenario for any team. When they aren't beaten off the edge or thrown aside like a rag doll by opposing defensive linemen (like Hart on almost every passing play) they are consistently confused and mystified when it comes to picking up a stunt/twist. There has to be a way to better coach and prepare these guys.

The only "upgrade" Reese has made to the line in recent years (Fluker) was not even activated last night. What does that tell you about the Giants and how lost they are regarding the offensive line. Eli was sacked before the line was even introduced on the NBC broadcast!

The Giants offense has been woefully inept since McAdoo's arrival. He is a flawed playcaller (at best) who runs a broken system. Look what he's done to Eli. He's ruined our Golden Boy!
I mean really look at it:  
BigBlueWhale : 9/11/2017 12:33 pm : link
Why is the hell is Mike Sullivan here? We run a WCO. He admitted he didn't know anything about the WCO when we re-hired him.

This is a professional football operation with a vision? Such a critical position - Offensive Coordinator - and you just blow it with a clearly ridiculous hire?

You get what you get.

That's just the tip of the iceburg. I could go on, but I really can't get past that. Says it all IMO. Just like there was no plan melding Coughlin's offense with McAdoo's. They are complete opposite schemes with opposite philosophies. There is no melding a WCO to what Coughlin does.
Definitely agree  
gmenatlarge : 9/11/2017 12:35 pm : link
A lot of these problems were overlooked due to an outstanding D last year. But without Beckham's heroics this is a 8-8 team. Changes need to be made and McAdoo needs to pull his head out of his ass and look at his beyond pathetic offense.
I saw something last night that  
jvm52106 : 9/11/2017 12:42 pm : link
totally blew my mind. There was a play deep in Dallas territory (I believe a 1st down play) where we had two TE's in the game. Eli was motioning for EE to move and then to come in motion from the right to the left. He (Eli) then actual stopped EE where he was to line up behind the Lt adn LG. Now we essentially had three in the backfield.

The issue here is that it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO obvious at that point that Engram was being positioned so he could be a lead blocker that we might as well have just told Dallas, left off center run straight ahead. It was so clunky and disorganized and slow that it literally was a waste of time.

It is not the same thing if EE comes in motion and gets to his spot and the play is run. That leaves open the defense to be wondering. It is way different when you tell the guy to come here and then tell him stay right there and then slowly get the snap done and a deep hand off made. It looked more like a walk through play than an in game play.

We should have ran more  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 9/11/2017 12:44 pm : link
It was effective and eventually a big run would have happened. But 12 carries isn't going to get any RB going.
Isn't it getting late in the game to try and fix things for Eli  
joe48 : 9/11/2017 12:52 pm : link
I am no football expert. It seems like the Eli Manning window is closed after this year. Some say wrong system, wrong coach bad OL, bad RB, bad play calling . We would be better off with a young mobile QB. It seems FO. Reese and MacAdoo can't figure it out or need to go in a new direction. This crap offense has been going on for too long.
Agree about Sullivan  
Remdad : 9/11/2017 1:01 pm : link
If you don't trust him to call the plays, then what use is he?

And if you do, then why isn't he calling them? McAdoo should be able to develop a game plan with his OC and then let him execute it, while he takes a broader view of what is going on.
Wonder if Mara will come out and make the same  
Simms11 : 9/11/2017 1:04 pm : link
proclamation about the offense that he did the defense a few years ago?! It made a world of difference, as the D became the focus in the off-season.

Not sure what kind of changes they make right now, unless they are subtle, like maybe more Darkwa early in games with Perkins supplementing his carries. I don't think Jerry is going to be benched, but Fluker couldn't possibly be any worse. Jerry, who was known for good pass pro, was horrendous and couldn't even pick up a simple stunt last night! How long has he been here? on this line? Anyway, if we lose next week, I would suspect there will be many more changes. It will get ugly around here with a loss next week.
Well, yeah, the offense sucks  
trueblueinpw : 9/11/2017 1:30 pm : link
Lot of folks held up McAdoo's rookie campaign as HC and the impressive 11-5 record and a trip back to the playoffs as evidence of his immediate impact as HC. And he deserves credit for that season! But, it did mask a very bad offense. The Giants offense was at the bottom of the league and that caused alarm among some of us. The hope this year is that the addition of two legit TEs, a healthy Vereen, a more experienced Perk and Marshall as a legit X would alleviate some of the problems of the offense. The season is still young, but there was a lot more talent on the field last night and it made zero impact.

Remember too, when McAdoo got here as the O-co, OBJ was drafted so while the offense did get better under McAdoo it's mostly due to OBJ. To wit, I you take away OBJ this offense is non-existent. Again, McAdoo and his coaching staff had the entire off season to scheme for and against Dallas and what they came up with was an utter failure. The same 2 high safety defense that vexed Eli and company all of last year remains unsolved for at least one game this season.
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