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NFT: Yankee Thread 9-12

superspynyg : 9/12/2017 10:07 am
Almost half way done with the last regular season month. Yanks hold a 4 game lead on the first WC spot and are only 3 games back from the Sux for the division. There are 19 games left and no games left with the Red Sux. we finish our boston series 11-8. NICE JOB!!

Looks like Bird is out with back spasms. I think it might be time to look for a replacement. He is good when in there but he is never in the lineup for long.

Who would you like to play at home in the wild card game (if we don't win the div) Minn, LAA, or Tex? I want to play Tex. We have shown we can beat them. It would prob be Hamels vs Severino. Tex is a good matchup for us.

doubt we'll play Texas  
Stu11 : 9/12/2017 10:22 am : link
Probably Minnesota or LAA. What I like about playing either is that they have nothing remotely close to a lock down ace and they have shaky pens too. I know its one game and anything can happen but with Sevi and our pen vs. either I'd have to like our chances. We leave NYC for all of 3 games the rest of the year(toronto) so the division is still very much in play.
Just make the postseason  
averagejoe : 9/12/2017 10:36 am : link
and hope somebody beats Cleveland. If Chapman was having a good year Yanks would be five games in front of Sox. As it is Yanks could win division and could miss postseason too.

Making the postseason is more than I ever expected this year. I will happy to play anyone.
Bird needs to drag his ass out there  
averagejoe : 9/12/2017 10:42 am : link
After missing two full seasons he can't take more time off. Yanks can sign Duda next year and ship him off to Philly. Get well soon Greg.
Yea Bird becoming is the next Nick Johnson more and more every day  
Stu11 : 9/12/2017 11:17 am : link
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