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Post Game Press Conference (Ficticious)

John K : 9/12/2017 3:03 pm
Q: Coach McAdoo, how did you think the team did tonight?
A: I saw a lot of good things out there. Certainly there are some things we can work on to get better.

Q: Most people who watched thought your offensive line was pathetic, and Eli looked old, slow, confused and nervous. What did you think?
A: I'm sticking with my guys on the O-Line. No need to panic. I'm sure they'll improve. As for Eli, hey the guy won two Super Bowls for us and was a #1 draft pick. What more could we ask for?

Q: Eli, a rough night out there, eh?
A: We did some good things out there tonight, we've just got to do a little better next game.
Q: Is that the game plan..."to do a little better?"
A: Yep, that's pretty much it.

Q: JPP, you and the defense didn't get off the field much. Given the high temperature inside the dome, were you guys starting to wear down?
A: Yes, in fact when we did briefly get off the field we were too exhausted to tell the offense how bad they suck.

Q: Snacks, how discouraging was it for you to continually come off the field for 3 brief, unsuccessful offensive plays and then have to go right back out there?
A: It was damn frustrating. I hardly had time for a couple of hot dogs before I had to get right back on the field.

Q: Bobby Hart, how did you think you did out there tonight?
A: Well, as everyone knows, I'm the best right guard in the league. Having said that, I might have to concede that this wasn't one of my better games.

Q: Jerry Reese, for two straight seasons now you've made no real effort to upgrade the offensive line. What is your plan going forward?
A: We're going to go with the guys we have. They can only get better, right?

Q: Paul Perkins, how did you think you did out there tonight?
A: Hey, isn't the real question "could any of the other running backs on this team have done better?

Q: Brandon Marshall, why weren't you dressed for the game tonight?
A: I was! Didn't you see me out there as the #1 receiver?

Q: Finally, Coach week it's Detroit in another nationally televised game. As we all know, the Giants historically stink when playing in front of a national audience. What's the game plan?
A: Well we've just got to keep improving. But wait...please don't pass that gameplan on to the Lions!
Is this supposed to be .....  
Triple "G" : 9/12/2017 6:48 pm : link
Funny? Because although you really nailed it and with circumstances being a little different it would be Hilarious. Problem is what you said is spot on and this is really how this team has gotten. That in and of itself makes it NOT FUNNY but reality.

Wow has this team really become this pathetic?
It was supposed to be funny, but...  
John K : 9/13/2017 2:35 pm : link
Also (sadly) realistic.

In answer to your question: "Has this team become this pathetic?" I would say that from a drafting and free agent signing standpoint, the answer is "yes."

And from a game planning standpoint, the answer is also "yes."
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